Chapter 7: More time with you

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I lift my head from the couch. I was tired even though I haven't done much today. I looked around and saw no one. I stood up and tried to walk straight. I watched tv with kaneki all day. Mostly old movies and ads. I tripped and fell on the wall. I leaned down. My legs hurted. The dark ambient wasn't helping either. All the lights were off except the tv. Suddenly a pair of strong arms helped me of the wall. "Are you alright Tomoe Chan?" He asked. "I'm cold." I answered. "Here." He said softly. He pulled me into his chest and surrounded us with a warm grey blanket. We sat against the wall, me in top of him, with my head in his shoulder."Thank you." He petted my head in response. 

I know I should be screaming but to be honest, I could get used to this. Never someone has gave me so much attention, so I guess that's why I'm falling. Is it wrong that I am? Should I be fighting no matter what? Is it wrong that I want to stay here with a ghoul that can eat me everytime he wants? Is it wrong that... Why should I care if it's wrong? It only matters if it hurts someone else or there are people to judge. Nether of those apply in this situation. I'll stay here. Who cares if it's wrong?"

With that thoughts in mind, I fell asleep in Kaneki's chest." Good night Tomoe Chan. I love you." He kissed my head.

 I woke up in my bed like usual. I presumed Kaneki brought me here. I stood up and went to the kitchen. I saw him preparing something, but I couldn't see what it was. " Morning Kaneki." I said."Ohayou Tomoe-Chan. Hey I've been thinking. I wann spend more time with you Tomoe-Chan. So I though I'm gonna change your meals." He said, cutting something that I couldn't see. " My meals?" "Yes your meals. This way I can spend more time with you. I don't mind sharing, there's so much." "Huh? I'm not understanding." He pulled off a covered serving dish and gave it to me. "It's not like you can't eat it anyway." He smiled creepily. I uncovered the dish and immeadiately dropped it. "Tomoe Chan, what are you doing? You're wasting food." He said. My eyes were wide open and I was shaking everywhere. I couldn't hold it and screamed. The floor got stained red for the next days.

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