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Gif: Ashy's older in the book, but he's just so cute! He's a pretty pretty princess hehehe



"Look how cute they are!"

"We need to wake them up. Ash has a job to attend."

"Are you kidding? Waking up Ashton is like waking me up."

"A death wish?"



A quiet, "I take that into offense," was heard, before quiet snores. Luke whined, swatting his hand out and cuddling into whatever soft thing he was clutching. He heard a chuckle and an, "aww," before he felt a poke on his cheek.

Luke stuck out his tongue, mumbling, "Go away."

There was another chuckle, a shutter, from what sounded like a camera, then footsteps. It was quiet, before the sound of an airhorn filled the room. Luke and Ashton shrieked, jumping away and scrambling on either side of the couch.

Ashton was breathing heavily, obviously sleeping heavier than Luke was, clutching his chest. He looked up with wild eyes, seeing Calum with his phone out, Brooklyn giggling while clinging to Calum's leg, and Michael with an airhorn raised in the air.

Luke looked at Ashton, who was practically shaking from fear. "Fuck...you..." Ashton panted, glaring at his brother. Michael smiled innocently, rummaging through his bag and tossing Ashton a white shirt, loose tie, and black jeans.

"Class starts in thirty."

Ashton nodded, giving a weak and tired smile to Luke, before rushing to the bathroom to get dressed. Brooklyn was dressed in a pink sparkly tutu and a band tee that said All Time Low.

"You're gonna turn my child into a band junkie," Luke chuckle, shaking his head and holding his arms out for Brooklyn, who ran straight into them, "Not that I can do anything about it. This is Michael Clifford we're talking about."

Michael rolled his eyes, throwing the airhorn in the bag and smiling as Ashton walked downstairs. "I can drop Brooklyn off at school," he suggested, making his tie loose and putting half his shirt in his pants, "Then you can pick her up after."

Luke nodded with a grateful smile, walking over and handing the blonde five-year-old to the honey-blonde teacher. "Have a good day at school, Princess," he said, kissing the top of Brooklyn's head, then Ashton's cheek, making both boys blush, "You too, my queen."

Ashton snorted, "I'm not a girl," only to have Luke retort, "You sure about that?"

Michael howled with laughter and Calum stifled a laugh, Ashton gaping at the tall blonde before pouting. Luke chuckled, ruffling Ashton's long curly locks. Ashton smiled small, biding his and Brooklyn's goodbyes as he and Michael made their way to the car.

Calum's beeper went off, and Luke saluted him, Calum rolling his eyes and running out the door. The only question Luke had was,

How the fuck did those two find his house?


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