Chapter 14: Squared Up and Locked Up

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"I have to go to class," I mumbled to Jett, loosening myself from her grip and walking into the building.

I didn't care about going to class, I was going to aggravate the hell out of Scarlet. I found her reaching into her locker, as soon as her arm was out of it, I slammed it shut, startling her.

She glared at me and snapped, "What??"

"I wanted to say 'hi', if I do, would you try to push me off my roof too?" I smirked, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Shut the fuck up," she growled.

She tried to storm off, but I blocked her way, "Look at you, all...well, you look like you, distasteful and a hypocrite."

The crowd surrounding us was cheering. Jett and a couple of people broke us up before we were about to fight.

"I told her, I told her that I would smack the crap out of her,.of you let me," I muttered to Jett.

"This has to stop!!" Jett shouted.

Scarlet was being held back by Lenia when Jett said, "You guys are supposed to be friends and the both of you are cussing out each other?!"

"Jett, it doesn't matter, we're not friends, she's a fucking bitch and that's that," I said.

"I'm not her friend, Jett, she was never a friend," Scarlet replied.

"Right," I said, "we were never friends."

I grabbed my bag and walked down the hallway. I stuck my middle finger up high as I continued to leave. When I was around the corner, I walked into the bathroom. I glanced at my tattoos and fixed my hair. I didn't care, but something annoyed me like crazy.

Someome walked into the bathroom, it was Vera, ugh. "Hey I saw you cuss out Scarlet's ass, I thought you were friends, woah, that's weird, what?? What the hell happened??"

"I don't know," I said in a clipped voice. I pushed past her and entered the hallway, the cool air hit my face as I headed to the parking lot. I decided to skip and go to the mall. When I got to the mall, I went to the food court and went back to school to an empty hallway.

It was lunchtime so I went to eat the food I got from the mall on the school patio. Jett sat down next to me and said, "What's going on??"

I looked at her, "You tell me, I mean, Scarlet is no better than I am."

"I didn't say that," she said.

" I know, but I will go after her," I replied.

"I want you guys to be friends," she said.

"I know."

"The reason why I don't hang out with her is because she wanted me to make sure that I'll be her bitch, like do everything for her," she replied.

I shrugged and gave her a hug. Jett was loyal, I could depend on her, she's real. Scarlet, she can suck my toes on a sunny day in JCPenny's.

Vera came up to me twirling and said, "What's up bitches?? Looking like the tattooed ridden bitch that you are Autumn," she looked at me.

"Looking like the vandalizing bitch that you are, fucking up people's houses," I replied, even though I knew it was Jett and I, but we framed her.

"I didn't do it!" she hissed.

"How do you know you didn't do it? I heard you were drunk the night you did it," I poked at her.

"I was," she whispered.

"So, that meant that you had those tools in your car and drove to her house under the influence and fucked up her house," I accused.

Her face paled. I shook my head in mock anger, "Disgusting, and you have the nerve to call me a ridden bitch," I scoffed.

"Well," she trailed off as she noticed something in the distance behind me. I glanced in the direction she looking at and saw two police officers coming our way.

One of them had a moustache and he introduced himself, "Hello girls, I'm Officer Sams and that's Officer Dennis, which one of you is Vera Maze?"

"I am," she squeaked. Jett and I watched in awe.

"We're afraid to tell you that you're coming with us. Vera Maze, you are under arrest for the vandalizing of Karina Johnson's home," Officer Sams announced as he slapped the handcuffs on Vera's wrists.

Everyone in the patio was shocked and whispers carried on.

"Thank you for taking her off of the streets, I was scared for my own house and safety," I replied, sounding like a damsel in distress.

"No problem, ma'am," Officer Dennis nodded.

"Free my dawg!" Jett called out, everyone giggled except for Vera and the cops.

Vera glared at me and Jett and turned her face foward. The two officers hauled her away and into the back of the police car. They drove off, surprising everyone that Vera was arrested.

"Damn Autumn, two people got arrested in two weeks," Jett said in amazement.

I shrugged and replied, "Well, I can't take all the credit." We laughed, got up, and strutted back into the building.

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