Chapter 1

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I pull him into a hug and he hugs back, tightly. "Everything will be okay, you'll get her back."

"I don't think so." he breathes out onto my neck.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm still in love with you."


"Good morning." Nathan whispers in my ear as he wraps his arms around me.

"Morning babe," I smile with my eyes squinting from the bright sun shining through the window.

"Are you taking Lana today?" he asks after kissing my cheek. "If you can't then that's fine I ca-"

"No, no I can." I interrupt while getting out of bed.

Nathan shuffles into the bathroom while I left to wake up Lana. Today was a fresh start for everyone. Nathan starts his first day on his new job today and I have a gig today.

After my wedding night, I ran off and quickly left with Nathan. Harry had to say something to ruin my wedding night. I hadn't seen him since. When it was time to pick up Lana after the honeymoon, I had to fake an illness just so Nathan can get her instead.

"Mummy, I dressed myself!" Lana smiles widely, her arms spread out to her sides so I could see her outfit perfectly. I giggle at the sight of her shirt inside out and her shoes on the wrong feet.

"Almost," I scrunch my nose, rearranging everything she had done. "All done."

Lana is growing up so fast. I remember holding her in my arms with her toothless smile smiling back at me. Now she's talking full sentences, walking, dressing herself and she starts school in a few months.

I bring her downstairs and made breakfast for her while she watched her cartoons. Nathan comes down and joins us about thirty minutes later.

"Go get ready, I'll watch her." he tells me and I nod. "Don't take too long because I have to get going."

I rush upstairs and quickly put a decent outfit together. When I stepped foot into the bathroom, Nathan yells up the stairs.

"Hey, I have to go." he says. "Will you be done soon?"

I run down to find him at the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah, I just need to wash up and change." I breath heavily. "Have a nice day." I smile and kiss him before heading back upstairs.

After I shut the door, I hear him say something again. I open the door to question it, but no response. I quickly get ready and head downstairs with my shirt half way on.

"Okay sweetheart, have you eate-" I stop in my tracks then quickly pull my shirt down all the way. "Waliyha?"

"Mummy, aunty Liya is here." Lana smiles widely. I giggle because she still can't say Waliyha's name fully.

"Hey," she breathes out. "I hope you're not busy today."

"I am actually." I frown, very confused. "I have a gig today, my first gig."

Waliyha opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. A smile twitches on her face. "W-well, it can wait then."

She was about to leave, but I grab her arm. "What is it?"

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