Bone Zone....Is Closed.

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"Metta, can we go to my house? I know you and Sans don't get along well...but maybe you two spending time together will help!" Papyrus asked, looking over at the robot.

"Great idea darling! As long as he doesn't try to hurt me, I won't try hurting him. Will Frisk be with Sans? Or with Toriel?" Mettaton took Papyrus' hand, walking with him to the Riverperson so they could get to Snowdin faster.

"Uuhhh....the human should be with Toriel. Sans spends a lot of his time with her in the Ruins." Papyrus followed Mettaton onto the small wooden boat that lifted out of the water and ran down the river.  "He may not even be at the house."

Hearing that, Mettaton sighed in relief. "If he isn't.. I can teach you a little thing or two about... a certain ritual for couples." The robot winked, trailing a finger down Papyrus' chest.

"W-what are you talking about, Metta?" Papyrus blushed, seeing a smirk on Mettaton's face. He walked the robot inside, and hearing Sans in the kitchen, quickly walked Mettaton up to his room, and he came back down. "Sans, I'm home!"

"Hey bro." Sans walked into the living room with a bottle of ketchup. "Where's Mettaton?" He asked, starting to walk up to his own room.

"He had to go film a show. He'll probably come over later. Papyrus followed, stopping at his own door.

"Alright...but if he spends the night, and I hear anything weird..." Sans' left eye lit up, revealing a bright blue, glowing iris. "He's gonna have a bad time." He walked into his room, shutting and locking his door. When Papyrus walked in the door, Mettaton was laying on his bed, popped up on his elbows, leg in the air, and head tossed back.

"Hey gorgeous~. Wanna know about that.. ritual I spoke of?" The robot winked, standing and slowly walking over, dramatically swishing his hips. Papyrus blushed a dark orange, setting his hands on Mettaton's hips.

"W-wowie... Y-you have such nice hips, M-Metta.. And y-yes I do..." Papyrus blushed even more when Mettaton pushed him down onto the bed, and crawled on top of him. "M-Mettaton...w-what if Sans.." He was cut off by a robotic, gloved finger on his mouth.

"I'll make it quick, my darling~." Mettaton kissed and bit Papyrus all over, Papyrus' noises getting louder. "Keep quiet now, gorgeous.. We wouldn't want Sans to interrupt us now, would we~?" Papyrus quickly shook his head and clenched his mouth shutMettaton kissed at Papyrus' hips, making him moan through his teeth. He flipped so Papyrus was on top of him, and Mettaton wrapped his legs around Papyrus' waist.

Papyrus blushed darker.  "W-what are you doing, Metta?"

"I want you to rock your hips into mine, darling~ " Mettaton rocked his, Papyrus letting out a moan. "Like that." The robot's arms went above his head. Before Papyrus could move, Sans knocked at the door and opened it.

"Bro, I'm headed to..." Sans' eye lit up in anger. "Yo, trash can. What did I tell you about touching my brother?" Mettaton's eyes widened and curled up underneath Papyrus, who curled around him.

"Don't hurt me, Sans.....Please....I'm sorry..." Mettaton pleaded, Papyrus hugging him close.

"Sans.. it won't happen again, I promise, just don't hurt him." Papyrus looked to his brother.

"Darn right it won't. " Sans grabbed onto Mettaton's soul and pulled him outside, throwing him into the snow harder and harder. Mettaton screamed each time, and when he got a rest, his arm changed into a cannon.

"I'll...u-u-use this... I d-d-don't want to kill y-you, but y-your defense is so low...t-this w-will...k-kill you..." Mettaton threatened, pointing it at him. Sans threw him around a few more times, knocking pieces of him off. He summoned a gaster blaster, aimed at Mettaton.

"Sans! Please stop!" Papyrus ran over and grabbed Mettaton, holding him close. He picked up his boyfriend and all of his pieces, glaring at Sans then running to the Riverperson to travel to Hotland.

"Papyrus! Wait! I was only trying to protect you!" Sans called after his brother, then sat in the snow. "I'm sorry... I only want the best for Dad did..." Sans stood up, thinking about his father, W.D. Gaster. He went up to his room, not able to get his father's last words to him out of his head.

"Take care of your brother, Sans."

"Alphys! Alphys! Help! Mettaton's in bad shape!" Papyrus ran into her lab and set Mettaton and all of his pieces on the table as she came down. "Can you fix him?"

"I-i-i d-don't know...He's in r-r-really bad shape.."

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