Finland x Hungary

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This is requested by skyprincess33 so I hope you like it~ I'm sorry for the delay


Finland walked down the corridor of Hetalia Academy with Sweden, chatting away happily with the nation. 

Hungary silently listened, pretending to be looking at her phone. She had a major crush on the Finnish boy, but there was one little problem.

She was absolutely positive Finland was gay for Sweden. She was sure of it. The way they always hang out and laughed together, she had believed it.

The bell rang and she hurried off to the pool room where the swim club was. She changes into her swimsuit, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. 

After she warmed up, she surfaced and looked up to see Finland standing at the poolside in front of her. "Hello Hungary!"

"Hey Finland." She said as she easily lifted herself up and sits on the concrete by his feet.

"Aren't you the captain of the swim club?" He asks curiously.

Hungary nods as with a tiny huff. "Yep, a swim club in need of members."

"Well that's why I am here. I'd like to join, if you do not mind." Finland said excitedly.

She was a little taken aback. "Really? You do?"

"Yes. I used to swim all the time so I may be rusty. It's been a while. I also need to relearn a few strokes most likely." He said, brushing his hair out of his face.

"Alright, go ahead and change in the locker room over there." She said as she points to it.

He nods and scampers off to the room, Hungary patiently waiting for him to come back. 

Finland returned but a few minutes later in swim trunks, having a nice, smooth, flat torso.

Hungary tried not to blush, letting her dripping bangs fall into her face.

"So, what strokes do we need to do?" He asks as he slips into the water.

"Just pretty basic ones for now, and get to the slightly more complicated ones as we go along." She said as she gets ready at the beginning of her lane. "Ready?"

Finland gets ready as well and nods. "Ready."

Hungary started reteaching him strokes and teaching him more, Finland catching on pretty well and learning easily.

"You're doing well. Keep it up and we can start competing which starts in about 2-3 months." Hungary said happily

Finland beamed at her, glad to be encouraged like she had been doing. 

The ten minute warning bell rang, signalling that club period was almost over.

"Alright, same time tomorrow Finland." Hungary said as she got out of the pool, putting a towel around her waist and goes to her changing room.

There was a shower head that she turned on, taking a minute to rinse and get out all the chlorine and pool chemicals before changing into her school uniform, dry her hair, and brushing it.

After she finished, the class bell rang and she left, entering the hallway where the arm of an oh-so familiar albino slung around her shoulder. "Hello Frau."

 Hungary sighed, rolling her eyes. "Prussia, instead of a frying pan to the fave, would you like a frying pan to in between your legs?"

Prussia cringed and took away his arm. "Jeez, you don't have to hurt my awesome five meters."

"You have the metric system mixed up. I think you mean centimeters dear." Hungary teased.

"Ooh, roasted bro!" America said, ruffling Prussia's hair and ran away, promptly being chased by the other male.

Hungary sighed, going to class and sits down.

Denmark came up, poking her in the back of the head. "Guess what."


"Come on."

"I don't want to."

"It's about someone who likes you."

"Get lost."

Denmark leaned down, lifting up a strand of Hungary's hair to gain access to her hair and whispers, "Finland likes you~"

She paused, brushing him away. "That's impossible."

"Oh but it is. Just go ask him." He said and went to his seat on the other side of the room.

She kept wandering id what he said was true, and thankfully it was the 6th period of the day, there only being 7 and those two hours seemed to fly by,

After school, Hungary found Finland and pulled him aside. "Finland, can I ask you something?"

He nods. "Of course Hungary. What about?" He asks curiously, head tilting to one side.

"Well, Denmark said you liked me, and I was wondering if it was true or not.." She said, eyeing the ground.

Finland nervously laughed. "Denmark said that?"

"Yes, and I know that's impossible because you're gay and-"

"Wait, I'm not gay. Where did you get that idea?" He asks, confused as he raises an eyebrow.

"... You're- you're not dating Sweden?"

"No, I don't like Sweden like that. We're just friends. Brothers almost. I like you but you're with Prussia and-"

"I'm not with Prussia. Where did you get that idea?"

"Well, he always acts very friendly around you and I thought... You know."

Hungary shakes her head. "I see Prussia as an annoying brother. Anyway... We like each other, huh?"

Finland slowly nods. "It seems so... Want to go to the park with me?" He asks as he holds out his hand.

She smiles. "I'd love to." Hungary said and takes his hand.


Yayyyy, got it done. I'll try and update tomorrow. And check out this one anime and manga called Alice in the Country of Hearts. It's amazing and I'm only on the first manga volume and it is awesome.

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