Dallas Winston

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"Did I really have to come?" You groaned as your sister dragged you into a bar.

"Yes! It's a New Years celebration, you need to relax," she put stress on the last word.

You sighed as she pushed through the crowd and towards the dance floor. She began dancing with strangers, completely forgetting about your desperate self.

You sneaked your way out of the busy and loud room. You headed towards a hallway, where the lights flickered. The corridor was mainly empty, with the occasional couple stumbling out one of the rooms.

You found an unlocked room and went inside. You wiped your forehead and sighed in relief.

"Just because the door's unlocked, doesn't mean it's free." A harsh voice sounded from the bed.

You turned in surprise and saw a mean-looking boy. He furrowed his brows as he examined you from his mattress.

"I-I'm sorry," your heartbeat quickened. He may be mean-looking, but wow, he sure was attractive. He didn't respond, instead he turned over and began to snore loudly.

You frowned and awkwardly shifted in your spot. You looked around and saw that the room was a mess. You gagged silently and left the room.

"I thought Dally wanted to be alone! Didn't think he'd have a girl with him," a boy that was clearly drunk laughed.

"Dally?" You rose a brow, he winked in response. You crinkled your nose and headed back towards the "party room." You took a seat at the bar and requested for a soda.

You received it minutes later and watched over your sister. She tended to be a bit freakish while drunk and excited.

As you minded your own business, you spotted the boy that was in the bedroom. He was smoking on the opposite side of the room, nodding his head along to the beat of the music.

Dally, hopefully that was his name, turned his head and made eye contact with you. You dropped your head quickly, pretending to play with your nails.

"Hey," a familiar voice placed a hand on your chin and lifted your head up. It was Dally. He smiled down at you and took a seat next to you. He rose a finger and the bartender nodded in response, already knowing Dally's order.

"You must come here often," you spoke up.

"I practically live here," he chuckled and took a sip of his drink. "I'm Dally."

"Y/N," you smiled.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing alone? Especially on a special night like this," Dally wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

You glanced over at your sister, who was still dancing her heart out. "I came with my sister."

He formed an 'o' with his mouth and finished his drink within a gulp. The two of you began talking the night away and soon, your sister was the one desperate to leave.

"I'll see you again?" Dally asked hopefully. You smiled and leaned to kiss his cheek, but he quickly turned his head so your lips would land on his.


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