Chapter 14 | The bet

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, I've been sickly. Annnnd if that wasn't enough I've been suffering from writers block (or more so how to write out my ideas.) But I hope you like it okay :-) ... I'll work on updating this sooner!

Also keep in mind, Emma and Killian can't remember the flashbacks ;)

"Milah, darling. For the last time -." Killian says, trying to not be too stern. "I am truly sorry, but I said no."

The dark haired, young woman's petite hand that's obviously never seem poverty or hard labor, clasps over her stained ruby red lips. "Are you, Are you breaking up with me Killy!?" She screeches dramatically when his words Finally get through to her thick skull. "But whyyy" she whines, reaching out to latch onto his side like any well trained barmaid would. "Don't pretend you haven't fallen in love with me from the first moment We met. We are meant to be Killian - And I know you want me." She wiggles a dark brow as she confidently pushes back. Her hand temporarily leaving him, going to twist her luscious black locks Inbetween her fingers. "There's absolutely no reason - why we can't be together Killy!"

Exasperated Killian sighs, pinching the brim of his nose trying to get this through to her without alerting the whole dammed tavern of their current status. "I've already told you lass, my heart and mind belong to another. It wouldn't be fair to drawl this dalliance on any longer than necessary. - It's over."

She scoffs, Not taking no for answer. Milah quickly swings her leg over his chair, resting on his lap Before he can stop her, she seductivly runs her hands up his dark blue naval coat, his collar caught in her persistent clutches while she practically hangs on him. Her bottom red lip sticking out slightly, pouting like a spoiled child.

Narrowing his eyes at her, and how childish she's acting he decides That That's just about enough. "Milah. Get off me. I'm serious." He says quickly standing up, causing the young barmaid to nearly tumble off is lap until she catches herself and her feet fumble against the old planks of wood they consider a floor.

"Excuse m-" Her high accented voice begins to squeak but he cuts her off
"-And you can Rest assured - I wont be changing my mind."

With that he thunders out through the Tavern door. The rusted hinges protest as he leaves all his navy comrades behind including his brother Liam. Instead, he takes advantage of the summers cool evening night.
Taking comfort in the cool breeze saturated with salt as it rolls off the sea and it sifts through the land. The breeze confronts his face, blowing his dark rebellious strands as they pick up with the wind, while its slowly sweeps down through the weeping willows just along the dirt roadway leading out of town.

Taking a deep breath, he shuts his eyes. Trying to calm the storm blazing behind his eyes, but the gorgeous blonde tresses thats managed to tangle up his mind, continuously haunt him.

Back inside the quaint Tavern, Milah huffs as the door creaks shut behind killians back, harshly straightening her dress and fluffing her black curls before marching off, mumbling to herself. "You may be 'serious' right now- But you are mine Killian Jones, and I will have you. If I have to take care of this distraction myself." She swears.

Killian kicks at the loose pebbles, the dust in the deserted street picks up creating a small cloud. Now with the bustling town nearly at rest until the break of dawn, Killian is completely alone with his thoughts.

He realizes that Normally, he would have jumped on 'Milah's' advances.
For awhile he had infact fancied her, he even briefly courted the lass, taken her out on a few occasions while his crew had docked here... And though He many not be able to deny that he has been attracted to her in the past, That was well before the distracting, mysterious blonde stumbled into his life.

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