Chapter 1

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"Wake up sl*t."

And that folks was my brother. He hates my guts and ok ready disown me as his sister but let's me stay home with him as his servant.

Sl*t my ass. Says the one who is a player.

My brother is J-Hope well his real name is Hoseok. The reason for his hate is because our parents are dead. The reason for their death is when I was like 6 or 7 I accidentally ran into a rogue but he wasn't the dangerous one. But his friends were and so him and my parents die protecting me from the other rogues. When I went home that day I didn't want my brother to find out and so when he found out that they die. I put on my best poker face and acting.

"You want to know why they die. I killed them with my own two hands. I never loved them from the start."

It made him well disown me and other things. Only my best friend and the Alpha and Luna know.

I walked downstairs and cook breakfast. He finish eating and turned around to put on his shoes. He left after slapping me for how disgusting the food was.

I sigh and grab a pack of blood from my hidden spot in my closet.

Well you know I'm part vampire but I'm still part werwolf but I'm the special kind. I can see spirits which include my parents and also see the Moon goddess also her husband.

"Hello Tae."

I bowed slightly because it was a spirit and it is annoying getting weird looks from the others. Humans werewolves and vampires live apart from each other. Yes humans know we exist and there are no hunters since it goes against the peace treaty. So there isn't a school where there are humans and werewolves together just one species.

I ran to school and saw Lily. She is Jungkook's sister who is my best friend. She is the same age as me we are 17.

Jungkook is two years older than me but same birthday. And our birthday is tomorrow ggrrreeaattt.

In this one female werewolves find their mate when they turn 18 and male at 20.

"Tae. Did your brother slap you again?"

She got angry and shook me.

"Yes and stop I'm getting dizzy."

We started hearing screaming and just look at each other know who.

It was BTS. The group my brother and Jungkook are part of. Jungkook soon to be alpha when he turns 20. Rap Mon or Namjoon is the beta. The rest are like us but I'm an omega.

Ugh oh how I want to rip- nope not going to get graphic.

I sigh and Lily look at me sadly. She and I knew what was coming but I can't fight back even if I want to.

"Hello pig. I see your brother gave you a punishment for not doing your duties."

Ok first of all because of you I'm under a 100 pounds and I'm 5' 6". And oh how I would love to dislocated you in every way.

He punch me in the jaw and the other guys smirked except Jimin. He was comforting and stopping Lily from punching her brother and my brother and the rest.

Jimin, the only other friend I have. He doesn't participate in the bullying and doesn't stop it because he knows the consequences of disobey the soon to be alpha. He knows about me as much as Lily but I'm just glad he accept me being part vampire. He lives with Jungkook and Lily since his parents die from a rogue attack.

After a while they stop and I was cover in wounds but my own blood started making me crave. Lily and Jimin notice so after the guys left they went through my bad and took out a blood pack.

"Thanks I needed that."

The day went by with me getting beat up by BTS except Jimin. Also by the slut and her group who follows her.

I wave bye to Lily and Jimin. I went home and took a deep breath. All my wounds started healing but there is a scar that can never be healed no matter what.

I went to my room and luckily today my brother didn't boss me around. I went to sleep after doing my homework.

I woke up by my brother who push me off the bed and kick me in the stomach.

"Hurry up and make breakfast."

I got up and got dress quickly. I made breakfast quickly for him too. He punch me in the way out. I went to my room and grab a pack of blood. The moon goddess appear.

"Hello moon goddess. What brings you here?"

"I'm here to tell you. You won't have an inner wolf or vampire. You can shift but you won't one of those."

I nodded.

"I'm fine with that I don't care anyways."

I nodded and went to school. I saw Lily and knew Jimin was with the guys.

"So do you have a wolf?"

"No but I don't want anyways but I can still shift."

"Cool and let's go."

It reach near the end of the school day. I was at my locker putting up my stuff.


I look around and found my mate. It had to be Jungkook.

Okay let's get this over with.

"Are you kidding me? You as my mate."

He smirked but pain, regret, and sadness was in his eyes. I could even tell he doesn't want to say this.

Why hello my mate.

Hello to you too. Oh I don't have an inner wolf like you. I'm half wolf and vampire but I can shift.

Hehe it's fine I would love you no matter what? By the way my name is Silver. It is a pleasure to meet you Tae.

Hehe you too. I am quite happy with you as a mate but not Jungkook.

I understand but please don't accept the rejection.

I won't.

We stop talking and Jungkook was about to reject me when the sl*t came. Park Jiwoon.

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