Kailynn's Imagine

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Your boyfriend of three years just broke up with you. You're in your house pacing back in forth, trying not to have a complete meltdown. You hold in the tears, feeling that knot rise in your throat. "Hey Kailynn! Hope it was ok I just came in." You hear your best bud from diaper days, Hunter, yell through the house. You feel a tear slip out and quickly wipe it away. You swallow the knot in your throat and yell, "Hunter you know its always fine for you to just come in." After a moment, he walks in. "Haha! I know, but didn't wanna be rude." You try to hide the pain, hoping Hunter won't notice. "Hey are you ok?" He asks, always being able to read you like a book. "Ye-yeah I'm fine." "Kailynn don't lie to me." "Ok fine I'm not, but it's nothing." "Kailynn it's never nothing. Don't hold it in. What's wrong?" That was it, you couldn't hold it in any longer. You sit on the couch, and you feel all the tears escaping. "Brian broke up with me." There you finally said it out loud, and hearing it broke your heart even more. "Aw Kailynn, I'm sorry." "And that's not even the worst part. He ha been cheating on me for 2 years. 2 YEARS!! We had been dating for three! How did I not know? What did I do wrong?" Hunter pulls you into his lap, and lifts up your chin for you to look at him. "You did absolutely nothing wrong. He was the deuche who cheated. He didn't realize that he had the best thing right here, and that is you." "Thanks Hunter you always know what to say." You sniff back the tears, and just lay your head on his chest. "It still hurts, Hunter. Why do I always have to choose the jerks?" "I don't know. Maybe it's God'a way of preparing you for somebody wonderful." "Well I hope he comes soon because I'm not sure I can take much more heartbreak." You sit up. "What about you? Any girl you've fallen for yet?" You say trying to lighten the mood. "Noo. No there isn't." His face reddens slightly. "There is! Who is she? Do I know her?" "I'd rather not say." "Aw Hunter, come on. Well does she know?" "No, she doesn't know." "Well why don't you tell her? Any girl would be lucky to have a great guy like you." "I can't tell her. It could ruin everything." "Aw Hunt I'm sure it wouldn't change a thing. It'd probably make it better. Tell her. Here I'll get your phone and you can text her. That way so you don't have to do it face to face." You reach over and hand him his phone. He hesitates. "Kailynn I'm not sure about this." "Hunter, text her, or I will text every girl you know and tell them since you won't tell me who it is." "Ugh, ok fine." He looks down at his phone, and starts typing. He looks up, and you smile encouragingly. He continues to type for a minute then closes his phone. "I cannot believe I just did that." "Hey it'll be ok, an even if it doesn't work out, you still have me." He looked down just as your phone buzzed. "Oh hang on a second." You say. You open the message before reading who it's from. "I love you Kailynn. I always have. I didn't wanna say this, but you made me. Hope this doesn't ruin anything." You sit there for a second, then you look at the sender. Hunter. You look up, and see that he is already looking at you with that worried look he always gets. "Me? You like me?" "Since day one." "Why didn't you tell me?" "I didn't wanna ruin this friendship." You wrap your arms around his neck. "Hunter, I know how you're feeling because I've been the same. I didn't think you liked me so I tried to move on, but I never could." "Really?" Relief spread across his face as a smile tugged at his lips. "Yeah, really." You smile. You had been dreaming of this forever. He leans in hesitantly, and you meet him half way. When your lips meet, you could've sworn someone set of fireworks in you. After a few minutes, you both pull away breathless. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." He says smiling big. "I think I might have an idea of how long." He smiles that gorgeous smile. "I love you Kailynn." "I love you too Hunter." Then he leans back in for a kiss, and this time it's filled with even more passion and emotion, and suddenly the heartbreak from before didn't hurt anymore.