As I walked down the crack filled sidewalk, having to constantly watch my feet not to trip on any of them, I couldn’t help but think about how weird of a person I was. It was like drama and overreactions followed me everywhere I went. Worse yet, I didn’t do anything to change it. Instead I egged it on with a string of stupid decisions.

Like now as a prime example! I found myself walking to my basketball game. Sure, a few months ago you would have found me doing the same thing unless I was lucky and Maver was up to driving. So why was it so different now?

Well. . . a few months ago I didn’t have four missed calls on my cellphone from my coach. A few months ago I didn’t have a boyfriend I didn’t know anything about. A few months ago I’d been so reserved that I didn’t need to be afraid of the girls doing anything but mean glares.

A few months ago Logan wouldn’t have been leaning out of his car window calling my name.

“Kara, where the hell are you going?!”

I looked over at his rust bucket car wondering just how out of touch I’d been that I hadn’t heard him nearing. A car passed, blocking my view of him for a moment, before continuing on. “What?” I asked when my eyes landed on him once more. I’d hoped he was just my imagination.

His words were cut off by a loud honk as a car idled behind his. I rolled my eyes and continued walking the moment it dawned on me I’d stopped in the first place. Typical Logan, getting in other’s people’s way just to get his own.

This time I did note the sound of his engine roaring as he peeled off. A screech of tires soon followed and I watched over my shoulder as he pulled a rough jerking U-turn.

Oh lord almighty please tell me he’s not-

“Why won’t you tell me where you’re going?” Logan asked, slowing to a crawl as he drove in the parking lane alongside me.

I groaned out loud before responding. “Maybe because it’s none of your business.”

“Hop in,” was his brilliant response.

“I don’t need a ride.”

“It wasn’t an option.”

I glared towards him, looking away the moment I laid eyes on his classic smirk. It was a million times more attractive than the last time Id seen it, especially since our last encounter had ended in him scowling and saying he hated me. No Kara, no giving in, I had to remind myself. “Too bad.”

Logan growled, having to swerve into traffic to get around a parked car. The moment he was back beside me the harassment continued. “If you don’t get in I’ll get out and walk with you.”

“I’m going to a basketball game,” I responded with a glare. “It’s a four mile walk; much too far for you.”

He looked surprised instead of annoyed, his eyes darting to the duffle bag I carried. “Isn’t it a bad idea to get tired before a game?” When I didn’t respond he lit a cigarette and took a long drag on it. “Well?”

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