Crystal Healing Pt. 3: Heroin, Marijuana, Meth, Cocaine

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Uses: Vitality, Protection, Detoxification, Grounding, love

Perhaps more so than Carnelian, Ruby helps to energize its wearers. A suitable energetic substitute to methamphetamine -and other amphetamines- this crystal of action helps to stimulate increased awareness of how our decisions impact others- a difficult concept to grasp during the pangs of addiction. Instead of seeking the harmful high from stimulant drugs, there are several crystals which serve to grant boosts of energy without harm. When you feel cravings coming on for meth, or a similarly derived substance, channel all of the energy your cravings are draining from you into the restorative facets of a brilliant crimson Ruby to ground yourself and adornment of vitality sought.

Ruby heralds detoxification properties, which can help in cleansing the body from harmful addictive substances in the beginning stages of rehabilitation and recovery. Additionally, Ruby helps attune your mind to the present and set goals for the future. Ruby anchors wasted energy and channels it into use for progressing the healing process.

If you are having a difficult time channeling your excess energy into expressive ventures, and find yourself continually unable to tap into the creative force dwelling within you, Ruby can help you identify your latent potential, and craft an ideal plan to make use of every last drop of it. Meditating with Ruby, or even sitting quietly, and taking the impressions the stone offers is an effective way to elucidate what your intuition already knows.

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Uses: Happiness, Healing, Self-love, harmony warmth

A blessing of unending joy, Amber is the source many are drawn to, as it entices a sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Amber acts as a catalyst for self-healing. In the battle against addiction and self-harm, Amber helps to remind the wearer of inner worth, and uproots the forgotten. Amber bestows its wearer with an increased sense of self and wellbeing. Cleansing disease from the body, you may wield its power to help eliminate the disease of addiction both psychologically and physically.

AsI am sure you are well aware, Amber is not a traditional "crystal," as thesubstance is fossilized tree resin. The origin of Amber infuses the power totemwith aspects of grounding Earth and wood elements. Wear Amber in times when youfeel as if you may abandon your commitment to sobriety- Amber will help pullyou back into the gaiety of the journey.


Uses: Protection of the home, calm, dissipates negative energy, uproots harmful behaviors

Selenite promotes honesty and mental calm and derives its name from the moon, teaching users how to dispel negativity inward and outward by relying on intuition. The crystal helps users maintain happy relationships with loved ones and friends, bringing harmony and light in times of darkness. Crystal healers use selenite to remove negative energy from the body and environments. Many feature large specimens of Selenite in the home to safeguard peaceful environments.

In terms of healing cocaine addiction, Selenite reminds us to look introspectively to the causes of the disease. The Encyclopedia of Crystals attributes Selenite as a powerful conductor of emotions, helping to place the past within the context of the future, in avoiding similar situations. Selenite helps us to disperse negative feelings and emotions.

Uprooting submerged feelings from the depths of our minds and heart, Selenite helps us identify what the underlying causes of addiction are. Coupled with therapy, Selenite helps to keep discussions with therapists and addiction specialists moving forward to help with healing- as opposed to causing more damage.

In my own experiences with therapy (granted I was in my teenage years), my sessions only incensed penchants for self-mutilation, because I did not know how to handle the emotions brought forth in my sessions. Often I would sit across from the therapist trembling and reticent- wasting an enormous amount of money, time, and the potential for healing. It is essential to undergo therapy when you are able to circumvent the emotional tides which are supposed to happen. Crystals can help you summon environments and inner peace to make recovery a reality. They did for me.


Uses: Invites benevolent energy, good luck, invites success

Known by many as a fairy stone, aventurine facilitates benevolent energy promoting luck and merriment. Crystal healers use the stone to invite new opportunities for success. More importantly, aventurine helps break habits, and establishes healthy perseverance.

Aventurine may help to repair neurotransmitters damaged from continued addiction and substance abuse. Neuroplasticity with time prompts the regeneration of the organic neurotransmitters responsible for regulating our emotions, behaviors, and internal workings, both physically and psychologically.

If you are having a difficult time identifying the cause of addiction, or the sources of unhappiness in your life, Aventurine will serve as the clarity you seek. Working in tandem with the heart chakra, Aventurine helps to quickly associate the things in your life that are unhealthy and harmful to the progression of recovery.

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