The Misfit of MI5

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Alexander Alexander Trelawny. Born in London on the 23rd May 1983, I was the only surviving son of Edward and Emily Trelawny, who upon taking his first breath was condemned to this life of being a serving member of the British Realm.

My father stared at me, his face void of any emotion which once again was something I was well accustomed to. His hand moved as if to gesture me forward into the doors, through security and upwards to the room that would be filled with case officers of varying levels. I was not a child any more, I didn't need to do as I was bid by him. Ignoring the look from the man now glaring at me I reached into the pocket of my duster and pulled out the somewhat crumpled pack of Marlboro and lit the end of the cigarette inhaling deeply and relishing the fact that this childish act had caused him to retreat into the building. If I was that important to MI5 and it was deemed that essential I was there before the meeting took place, they would wait. I had someone far more important I wanted to speak to, my dark beauty, Scarlett. Taking out my phone I dialled the number I knew off by heart, I dialled it maybe twenty times a day at times., just wanting to hear the voice of the woman who brought me peace and reassurance when everything else around me seemed to fall.

My dark beauty, the love of my life, my very reason for breathing had been my constant companion since I had taken my first uneven steps. I had been blessed to fall in love, and be loved, by the girl I had declared would be my wife at the age of five. At six, I married her with a ring from toy egg as our wedding rings. I replaced them with silver ones care of my uncle at eight. She was my wife in all but name and in a few months I hoped to change that bit too.

Letty, you all right beautiful? Missed your voice already and the day hasn't even started.”

I heard the smile in her voice as she began to talk... hearing that soft gentle voice of hers soothed me, it had been that way throughout my life, when things were bad and I needed calm or reason I went to Letty.

Rob my darling man, you only left me in bed about two hours ago. Surely your Dad can't have got you annoyed already? Knowing you, you've not made it through the door yet.”

Inhaling deeply, I tried to control the deep chuckle that threatened to escape. Was I really that predictable when it came to starting my day? Of course she was right though, the lady I got to call my own and had done for two decades really, knew me better than I knew myself. Every morning I steeled myself before walking into Thames House and confronted the latest threat to National Security. I also confronted the living embodiment of everything I despised as well as the constant reminder of my grandfather and great-grandfather before me, their names having being added to various things in the building. There was even two portraits of the men hanging on the dreaded hallways, no matter what I did and where I went – I was to be haunted by the exploits of my family and deemed much to my annoyance the misfit of MI5.

I got caught by him as I went to go through the door – now I'm needing to smoke, already I can tell it's going to be one of those days.

What about you my beauty, what are you doing?”

Truth was I already knew after working on her new album late into the night, Letty had crashed into bed around three this morning. She was determined to make her second album as much of a success as her début.

Lying in our bed, cuddling up to your pillow – it's lulling me back to sleep, I swear you're putting a sleeping drug into your aftershave or something because inhaling the Givenchy in making me sleepy.

Then again, you are a man who is a spy my love, I suppose a sleeping antidote is nothing in comparison to what you see and get your hands on.”

I couldn't help but laugh... Letty as always could pull me back from my personal hell and back to feeling alive and happy.

Well go sleep my girl, I'll be home as soon as I can tonight but it would appear something is going on. Not that is anything new of course – I watch people go by this very building and they would never know the trouble this country faces every minute of every day.”

Hanging up the phone, I made my way down to the floor that Section D was based. The place was a hive of activity – I was it seemed facing a busy day. The team I worked with were frantically staring at me, willing me to move forward to the conference room – to face a new dilemma.

Walking through the door there were four men as well as a lady I couldn't place the name of and by the look of the man heading the meeting, my father, I wasn't popular with anyone. Racking my brains I tried to recall if I'd been photographed in one of the notorious nightclubs again – despite having only ever been involved with one woman my entire life it seemed I was deemed to be a bad boy. I swear to God my father thought I was blessed with a multiple personality, the devoted partner and the man who slept with anything in a skirt. Either that or he thought that he could tear Scarlett and I apart.

Like Hell that would happen.

You're late.”

Glancing at my watch I noticed I had indeed been longer than I had planned to be – I had intended to keep them waiting but not to cause problems. It simply wasn't worth the mouthful I would get over the seventeenth century table I was faced to sit at when eating dinner at night.

I'm sorry – had to take an important call. Now, moving on – what is the world throwing at this country today? Is it nuclear, chemical warfare or good old fashioned attempts on the peerage or royalty?”

The glares from the five people told me my wit had fallen in deaf ears. Quelle surprise!

Alex, this is Sarah Richardson she has been working undercover for the Met and has discovered a sectarian group in Belfast who as you so eloquently put it, are planning on killing the peerage of this country as well as Her Majesty.”

Shit. There went my relaxing evening with Letty... work would be finding its way home again. Thank God Letty had been vetted very early on, mind you - thanks to the book that MI5 had authorized about its beginnings, pretty much everyone we knew understood my family history. Though it seemed also believed me when I said I worked for a famous law firm in the city.

"You'd best start filling me and tell me what you want me to do..."

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