Zoey's eyes were closed but she was awake. She pulled herself closer to what ever she was leaning on and a small chuckle voiced. Her eyes shot open to see herself leaning on the Enderborn with his arm around her waist, her face became bright red as his eyes watched her. She sat up and pulled her hand though her hair trying to think of how this happened. They were sat in the clearing of a forest leaning against the largest oak tree. Her eyes widened as she had no memory of what had after she met the scientist.

"It's okay it's normal for you to forget. Your memory should come back in a few minuets and when it does I'll explain okay?" He said looking at her with a stern but friendly face. Something then caught her eye, her hands. She lifted then up and examined them, they seemed to be glowing faintly. When she moved them the glowing seemed to lag back then catch up. The Enderborn watched her but didn't say anything. Zoey then looked down at her body to see that it was glowing too. She moved and watched as it lagged then caught up just like her hands did. She didn't panic even if it did seem abnormal she felt at ease with it. She span in circles and laughed as she watched the glowing expand. Rythian smiled at her. Suddenly the leaves rustled and the sound of distant voices came from behind them. Rythian grabbed Zoey and pulled her into a bush. He covered her mouth as he watched a few men come into the clearing of the forest. They were the same ones that attacked Zoey a few days ago, the creepers.

"Are you sure they came down over here?" One hissed at the other.

"Yeah I'm sure, you come notice them a mile off since the girl was glowing." He hissed back, Zoeys eyes widened and she became brighter. "Hey what's that?" He said pointing over to the bush they were hidden in. They started to walk over to them. Rythian went into a fighting stance but before he could leap out another creeper appeared in front of them.

"It's just me!" He yelled, he didn't seem to hiss like the others. "They ran over there they saw you coming." He said pointing in the opposite direction. They others ran off in that direction but the creeper who stood in front of them just turned towards them.

"You can come out now Zoey." He said. They both stood up and Rythian removed his hand from Zoeys mouth. The creeper removed his mask and hat. Zoey's eyes widened and her mouth turned into a smile. She launched on him.

"Where have you been?!" She yelled pulling her arms around him. A tinge of jealously spiked though Rythian. The man laughed and hugged her back.

"Classified but I need to ask you the same thing." Zoey pulled back and looked confused. The man sighed. "The kingdom is on full alert since the princess has gone missing." The man looked over at Rythian and frowned at him. Zoey suddenly gasped and fell over. Rythian caught her. He smirked at her.

"Remember now?" He asked. She nodded wildly then looked over at him. Her face turned the colour of her hair and she looked down and fiddled with her hair. She jumped up out of the enderborn's arms.

"Well... Um... Rythian this is my brother Martyn and Martyn this is Rythian my... Friend." She said with a sill red face.

"So what happened here?" Martyn asked questioningly. Zoey nodded to Rythian and he explained what had happened.

"And what is the cause of this?" Martyn asked.

"Yeah I want to know too." Zoey asked. Rythian sat down and looked at the golden eyed girl.

"You know I'm half enderman. Well Zoey you aren't just human." Rythian sighed and looked up at her. "You're half blaze." He said.

"But... How did this happen? How is this possible?" She started to freak out and her glowing became stronger.

"Zoey calm down... I may know." Martyn said putting a hand onto her shoulder. "Mother and Father adopted you. When I was little they found you lay on the castle door step. There was a note but our parents didn't want me to see. You should go back to the castle and ask them." He said.

"I'm going too." Rythian proclaimed standing up.

"They won't let you in." Martyn said looking at him disapprovingly. Rythian smirked at him. He pulled Zoey into his body and smiled at him.

"Let's get going then. Do you want to come with or not?" He held out his hand.

"I'd like to see my parents for once." He grabbed Rythians hand questioningly.

"Hold your breath." Rythian said. Dark mist covered them and they disappeared into thin air. Zoey's eyes were sealed shut.

"ZOEY!" Shouted a Scottish accent. She opened her eyes to me pushed over my Nilesy. He hugged her waist. "It's been three days where have you been?" He mumbled into her shirt. She smiled and pulling herself up.

"It's okay I'm fine." She said helping him up.

"Why if it isn't Nilesy?" Martyn said.

"Prince Martyn, sir!" Nilesy said standing up straight and fixing his shirt.

"Haha relax dude." Martyn said pulling him into a head lock. "I haven't seen you in years." Rythian smirked at the three laughing together, it made him feel lonely.

"Right, I'm going to see Father and Mother." Zoey said opening her door. A few guards noticed her and looked shocked. Martyn followed after and then Rythian and Nilesy walked after them. Most guards tried to talk to them but Zoey was determined to clarify this with her parents.

She slammed open the doors to the main hall and her parents were stood talking to a guard looking panicked. The noise of the door slamming against the walls caught their attention. The queen looked relived and the king looked angry.

"Where have you been young lady?!" He yelled stalking up to them. Martyn stood in front of his sister and protected her. "Martyn?" The king questioned. He looked over at Nilesy then noticed Rythain.

"Who's this? Is this the guy you ran off with?!" The king yelled running up to the Enderborn. Rythians eyes connected with the kings and he stopped in his tracks. "You brought a monster into my throne room!" He yelled. He grabbed a sword off the wall and lunged at Rythian and he dodged it with ease. Zoey ran in front of Rythain.

"NO!" She yelled in her father face. Zoey suddenly started to glow and her eyes shone. "If he's a monster then I am too." She yelled. Her anger boiled in her and her feet floated above the floor. Rythian grabbed her waist and pulled her down. Her glowing retreated and her eyes went back to normal. He placed his head on her shoulder. Calming her.

"Father, if he is not with her she'll turn into a blaze. She knows that you adopted her and that there was a note with her." The king nodded to his wife and she went into the room behind the throne room. She came back with a small role of paper. She walked up to Zoey and smiled at her. She then leaned next to her ear.

"I always knew." She then leaned back giving her another smile and sat back on her throne. Zoey smiled at the queen the only person to ever give her the attention she needed. Zoey looked at the paper. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. She pulled of the ribbon holding it together and pulled it open. She began to read.

~~Dear my darling Zoey...

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