epsilon| beauty versus the brain

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With the amount of effort she had put into it, Elina definitely would appease the king to add it in. She could have sworn that there was now very visible muscle that edged upon her arm. Her leg slipped against a rock, and Elina gasped as she dangled in mid-air.

"Curses upon curses," she whispered, as her foot failed to find a steady landing space. Elina took a deep breath, and stretched her leg farther to the side, finding a rock jutting out. Placing her foot on it, she yanks herself on top of the ledge and rolls onto the ground. Her tan face was red as her chest heaved. "I will kill Alkaios," she muttered.

Elina sprung upwards, holding her dagger tightly. Should anything jump at her, she was ready to attack it. Just as the thought crossed her mind, someone came into her line of vision and she had it ready to throw. Much to Elina's surprise, the young man brushed right past her. He was much too interested in the garden surrounding her.


Elina surveyed her surroundings, to find that bushes filled with exotic looking flowers lined the edge of the cliff. Feeling terribly sore all of sudden, Elina was drawn especially to the bush the young boy was tending to. The flowers were a bright blue, with speckles of white dusting the petals. Upon closer inspection, the boy who was tending to the flowers looked strikingly familiar. His dark hair was windblown, and he reeked of fish. His gaze met hers, and Elina immediately recognized Alkaios. 

"You!" she cried, throwing her arms around him. "I thought you were dead!" She pulled back, her gray eyes sparkling. "Now, I'm going to kill you." 

"No need darling," a new voice spoke up. Elina spun around, to see a woman with long black hair sending her a killer smile. "I'll do that for you."

Elina sheathed her dagger, her eyes narrowed. "You must be the Queen."

"Royalty runs in my blood," she cackled. "Wouldn't you know?" Elina crossed her arms, mouth set in a frown.

"What spell have you cast on him?" Elina spat angrily. The woman rolled her eyes, her eyes sparkling with demise. 

"Oh, don't worry," she mused. "He'll be dead soon. Let's talk about you."

Elina did not want to talk about herself. "I'd rather not."

"You ignore your abilities, choosing to carry on this brainless task of salvation and help," the Queen spat, the words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. "You can have everything, but you chose nothing."

"I choose my own path," Elina growls. "I am not daunted by what the Fates have for me."

The Queen narrowed her eyes. "I see. Perhaps Athena's blessing was just a rumor, you are not as smart as I had believed."

"Alkaios, let's go," Elina said, tugging at his arm. Alkaios looked at her with a frozen smile, his gaze distant. "Alkaios...?"

"You are far too late, darling. He has been bewitched, per say." The Queen laughed at her little joke. Elina felt her insides burn with rage. Her first quest and she would die at the hands of this witch. Couldn't she have been eaten by the Hydra? That would have been less embarrassing.  

She had no choice. She had to kill the Queen.

The Queen wasn't immortal, therefore, she could be killed. However, Elina had to avoid being mesmerized or caught in the spell. How could she do that if she didn't even know how the spell was cast?

"Do you see now? You have lost," the Queen snarled.

"You are right," Elina finally said. The Queen smirked, liking the fact Elina agreed with her. "I am trapped. There's no way out. I might as well give up. Accept my early death. In fact, I should thank you!"

"Thank me?" The Queen raised an eyebrow.

"Why, of course! You are saving me from a horrible fate, are you not!" Elina fibbed. "I don't have to deal with all the monsters, the pain, the suffering- I should be begging to die at your feet!"

"Well, I mean-"

"Killed by the Queen of the Island of Temptation! No better way to die!" Elina dramatized. "It'll be written in books of how you had outsmarted a child with the blessing of Athena! Drained the youth of this child!"

"Well, I suppose the blessing may provide some additional nutritious benefits..." the Queen muttered.

"Oh, Queen! Kill me now!" Elina fell at the Queen's feet, holding them. 

"Well, alright. I suppose I could use an extra beauty boost anyway," the Queen said, pulling Elina to her feet. "Now, stand still." Elina felt like someone had stabbed her through the gut, the Queen's hand being shoved through her abdomen. A golden glow surrounded them as Elina felt herself slowly lose her life. With the last bit of energy she had, she pulled out her knife and drove it straight through the distracted Queen's heart. 

The result was instantaneous. She fell to the ground, clutching the knife that had penetrated her skin, her eyes filled with rage. The life slowly drained away until the infamous Queen was nothing but ashes. Her mindless servants dropped like flies, their bodies connecting with the floor with a hard thump. Even Alkaios hit his head, causing Elina to wince. 

Which lead Elina to her next question. How were they supposed to get off the island?


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