XVI- Stacy's Warning

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Indianna gasped and pulled away, looking up at Greyson with wide eyes. "The whole school is watching, aren't they?" She groaned and Greyson chuckled.


"Fuck," she cursed buried her face in his chest. "Stop them staring, please."

"What makes you think I can do that?"

"You know you bloody well can, everyone is freaking scared of you!"

"What about you?" He mumbled, resting his chin on Indianna's head.

"I can't be," she whispered. "Ever since you marked me, it took the fear away."

Greyson looked down at Indianna and smirked. "Good."

"They're still staring."

"I am aware," he shrugged and his eyes flickered around the room. "Take a fucking picture, it will last longer!" He yelled suddenly, surprising everyone in the room. "If I see anyone staring at us, I will personally rip your eyes from their sockets and shove them down your throats!" Everyone immediately looked away and Greyson chuckled, looking at Indianna's slightly surprised face. "What?"

"You're not a very nice person, are you?" She said and Greyson shrugged.

"Nope," he said and started to pull Indianna over to the table he was seated at.

"Greyson, I've seen you. I'm going to go now," she protested, but before she could turn around his arm was round her waist tightly and she was trapped against his chest.

"The longer you stay away from me, the worse you get and the longer it takes for you to get better," he said. "You still feel like shit, sugar, so you are staying right by my side."


"Don't even try to argue," he said sternly and they made it to the table. Indianna spotted Ace, Kal, Harry and Brooke along with people she didn't know and she tensed up. "Shy again, are you?" Greyson chuckled and sat down next to Ace, pulling Indianna down next to him.

*I hate you,* she said and Greyson smirked at her.

"We've not seen you in a few days, Indianna," Ace said. "How are you feeling?"

Indianna knew what he meant. How did she feel after avoiding Greyson for three days. You could take one look at her and guess the answer: Shit. She felt like complete shit.

At first it wasn't too bad. She woke up in her house after Greyson marked her. Apparently she was still in the first stage of the process, but because she was mates with an Alpha the process took a lot longer. Greyson made it clear that if she did try to leave town that it would fail. Her house backed onto the woods so there was always someone watching her, making sure she didn't do anything stupid.

Her mark hurt at first, but the pain faded after a few hours. For the first day she was fine. During school she avoiding Greyson like the plague. Only Brooke managed to catch Indianna on the way to the library, but the conversation only lasted a few minutes. Indianna wasn't up for talking.

The second day Indianna knew that the mark was starting to affect her mind. Greyson kept slipping into her thoughts. She wanted to be near him.

The third day she started to feel ill. Her whole body started to ache and her head hurt constantly. The mark on her collar bone burned like hell and all she wanted to do was go to Greyson. She knew that only he could help her. She knew that by staying away from him she would feel worse.

She still avoided him.

And today, thanks to Kirstie, she was sitting next to Greyson and the sparks that were running through her body made her want more. Greyson was like a drug. He was addictive. The way he made Indianna feel was unreal, just by being in his presence she was feeling better.

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