6. She Dared to Say It

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Chapter 6

Rey POV:

"Rey?" Leia's voice crackled softly through the transmitter in Rey's hands. "Come in, Rey."

"I'm here," she responded, looking up and around her rooms to make sure she was alone. She saw and heard nothing. "Is everything alright, General?"

There was a pause. "We have a problem, of sorts. There are others, generals like myself, who do not believe my son is able to be saved. They are pushing that we execute the original plan. They want to blow up Starkiller Base, Rey." Leia's voice rose then, emotion flooding her tone.

"There's nothing I can do, is there?" Rey asked. "I'm so sorry, General."

"Don't be sorry. Not yet. They've given you two weeks." Rey started to protest--it was such a short amount of time--but Leia interrupted. "I know. It's not much time at all. But Rey, you can do this. I know you can do this. Bring him home."

Rey shook her head. Leia was asking her to do the impossible. "He has shown me the good in him, General, but only in memories of when he was young. And I've learned things, good things, that he has done, but he is in so deep." Rey paused, the weight of the truth crushing her. "I cannot save a man who is so consumed."

There was silence for too long. At last came Leia's voice. "If my son has truly forgotten all the good in him, then he is indeed consumed. But I have hope yet."

"He's killed so many people. He killed his father." Rey let the heaviness of the words sit in the air, before continuing. "He tried to save my parents. He was ordered to kill me, but he cannot. Leia, I don't know what to think. I don't know where to go from here."

"It's simple, Rey. He thinks he is training you. Let him teach you the Force, but show him the way of the Light. If not the way of Light, Rey, show him the way of yourself."


"Show him your way," Leia repeated. "You can do this. I'll check back in a few days. Goodbye, Rey."

And then the transmitter switched off, the connection gone. And Rey was left alone in the room.


Hours later, in the dead of night, Rey found herself incapable of sleep. She slipped her boots and jacket on and went walking down the hall. The silence was eerie, and even her muffled footfalls gave her shivers.

Suddenly, a voice called out behind her. "Where do you think you're going?"

One of the stormtroopers that had been guarding her door stepped forward, clutching his gun.

"For a walk," she stated. "I'm not a prisoner."

"No, but I can't allow that. It's after curfew," he replied.

"You can, and you will," Rey said clearly, forcing the storm troopers to let her walk away. She called upon her power, and she used it to her advantage. "You will tell no one."

In sync, their voices dark and ominous, they repeated her words. "I will tell no one."

Satisfied, Rey turned on her heel and stalked down the hall once more. Turning left, and then right, and making a mental map of where she had gone so she would know how to get back, she came to a door. Guarded once more by stormtroopers, this door was tall and wide and something about it piqued her curiosity.

The sign above read Data Storage & Library--No Admittance. Well. Now she simply had to enter. Rey marched forward and the guards stepped out to meet her, holding their guns out.

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