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(Logan POV)

In the morning we all met at the hospital. The person at the front desk said we can meet the girl and after that the police have some questions for her. We thanked her and reached the room. We peeked inside and saw doctor Shelby talking to her. She came came out and said we can go right in.

When we went inside she was on the bed. She'd been showered, dressed and after all of that you could really see her actual face. She had the face of an angel, with those amazing blue- green eyes, eyebrows that were just the perfect size, and her lips looked like they had been lipstickified with the perfect shade of pink, but that was just the natural color. Her side bangs were just visible through her head band aide.

"I don't know how to.... I really just can't thank you enough. You saved my life. Thanks so much for that" she said.

"Yup", said Carlos popping the p, "That's what we do" he said fixing his collar. We all have him the glare. It was obvious. He was trying to impress her. She did a slight chuckle.

(Kendall's POV)

She laughed slightly after what Carlos said. Whoa. It was the first time we'd seen her smile and that almost knocked me out of my seat.

"Uh what he meant to say is, you really don't have to thank us. But we really don't know about each other and I'm guessing you kind of know us already, so if you don't mind we'd really like if you could introduce yourself or like tell us about the whole incident that happened in the neighborhood?" said James.

"Yea, absolutely. My name is Natalie star daughter of Mercedes and Robert Star........" ( A/N: She just repeats everything she told you all at the beginning of the story). When the story finished we we were all quite shocked. Surprised at what she went through. We were all silent for a moment.

"Oh uh..... were really sorry" I finally managed to say.

"No please dont be" Natalie said.

"Wait so uh, don't you have any other relative or family member you can live with?" asked Logan.

"No but actually there is someone th-" she never got to finish because right then we heard a girl screaming.

"GET OUT OF MY FREAKING WAY! MOVE! NATALIE!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME ANYTHING?!" a girl shoved us all out of the way and went straight to Natalie. She had alot of makeup on. And I mean ALOT. She had on very tall high heels and a pink mini skirt with a white lace sweater. She was a full on girly girl.

"It's okay. Calm down Steph", said Natalie, "I couldn't contact you. I'm sorry"

"The police told me everything. That stupid abuser! Oh I can't believe this. What are you going to do" the girl named Steph said. "Actually, you don't have a place to live, do you?" Natalie shook her head.

"Perfect. You can live in my dorm at college. And we still have 5 more weeks until summer" said Steph.

"No I can't because before the last 3 months, I would always drive to college and back. It would almost be illegal to live in a dorm without paying for it" said Natalie.

"Oh well, we can talk about it later but I'm so glad I can finally meet you. I can't believe how many times I called you and came to your house. But I gave up in the end" Steph went up to Natalie and gave her a big hug.

(Natalie's POV)

I was so glad to have my friend back. I haven't had that kind of loving hug in months. I could feel every tense muscle in my body slowly relax. When we broke apart I could see the boys standing there awkwardly.

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce you to each other. Guys this is Stephanie Dodge. Steph, this is Big Time Rush" as soon as I let the last three words out of my mouth Steph turned around as fast as she could.

"Oh my god. Y-your Big Time Rush. I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was you guys and I just pushed you through. I'm a big fan" she said.

"No problem. Accidents happen" Carlos said smiling. I was never crazy about them but I was a big fan also. Not as much as Stephanie though.

*7 days later*

(James POV)

It had been a week ever since we met Natalie at the hospital. Stephanie sent us home from there so she could take care of her. But today was the day Natalie comes out of the hospital so we get to go see her. Stephanie had bought some clothes for her but Natalie specifically told her what kind to get otherwise Stephanie would get something that was more of..... her style.

When we got there, Natalie was at the font desk. Her hair was down in a perfect fishtail braid with only a strand of hair poking out by her bangs. She had on a button down, long sleeve, black, collar shirt with grey skinny jeans, and with ankle- high converse sneakers. She didn't have on any makeup and that is the reason she looked so amazing. She also had piercings that were unknown until now. She had a single speck of diamond on her nose and above and below her eyebrow, and a triple piercing with a cartilage on each ear. To say she looked perfect would be an understatement.

I looked at the other guys and their jaws were all stretched wide open. Natalie smiled and started walking towards us.

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