Chapter 9

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(Tay POV)

It Was Only Us Girls In The House All The Guys Went Out To The Park That I Showed Teddy The Other Day To Play Some Ball Except Gilani.

Rain And Dayna Was Taking A Swim And All The Mamas Were In The Kitchen. Me And Chloe We Were Plotting On Pranks To Pull On The Guys.

"So..." I Started Then...

Ding Dong...

Then The Door Bell Rang. Right In The Middle Of Our Plotting.

"Somebody Get That" Ma Yelled.

Ding Dong...

"Anybody?" She Yelled Again.

Ding Dong...

"Chloe?... Tay?... I Know Y'all Hear That" She Said.

"You Get It" I Told Her.

"Nawl You" She Said.

"Your People's Place" I Said.

Ding Dong

"Your Part Of The Family So This Your Place To" She Said.

"Rock Paper Scissor" I Said.

Ding Ding

"If Y'all Make Me Come In There" Ma Said.

"Just A Minute Ma" Chloe Yelled Back.

Me And Chloe Were Actually Having A Rock Paper Scissors Match As The Door Bell Kepted Ringing.

"Alright Best 4 Of 5" I Said As We Went Two More Times Cause We Kepted Getting Tied.

"I'll Get It" Gilani Said Coming Down The Stairs. "Y'all Some Big Jitts" He Said To Us Before Going And Opening The Door.

He Opened The Door And Some Girl Stepped In And Handed Him This Handsome Kid. He Looked A Lot Like Gilani. She Herself Looked About My Age Prolly Older Or Younger But She Was Definently In My Age Range. She Looked At Me I Guess Cause Of My Hair I Blame Gemini... Actually She Eased Me Or Was She Easing Chloe. She Looked Us Up And Down Literally.

"You Are?" She Asked Me.

"NOYB" Chloe Said.

"Initials Really" She Said. But What She Didn't Realize Those Letters Were For The Words Nun Of Your Business.

"Dumb Broad" Chloe Said Laughing Cause The Girl Didnt Know What NOYB Meant.

"I Dont See Nothing Funny..." The Girl Said.

"Do Girls Always Get Like This When They Get Around Each Other?" Gilani Asked.

"Depends When They Don't Like Each Other" Chloe Said.

"Girl Shut Up... Before I Come Over There And Whop Your Ass" The Girl Said.

"Now Tonia You Know You Can't Beat Me" Chloe Said.

"Who Said?" The Girl Said.

"Whats Good" Chloe Said Standing Up. Damn This About To Get Real I Think.

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