Chapter 11

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(Taylor POV)

I Now Know The Reason Girls Like Rain Hate Coming To Cabin Vacations. Her Very Words Were "I Cant Shop".

Rain Basically Dragged Us All Out The House For Some Shopping. It Was A 1 Hour Drive To The Shopping Center. I Still Had No Idea What To Get The Guy That Has Everything And Christmas Was Right Around The Corner. Then Again He Do Love Designers And I Over Heard Him And Teddy Talking Bout Some Versace Shoes.

"Yooo Cloe?" We Heard Someone Yell.

We All Looked Back And It Was Some Dude Approaching Us... Wait No It Was One Of Those Not So Girly Boyish Girls... A Dyke. I Must Admit She Was Fine Asf.

"Hello Ladys" She Said. She Had Some Nice Laid Dreads And They Were Neatly Twisted Up Into A Pony Tail. She Was Tatted In All The Visible Places Except Her Face.

"Wassup Drea" Chloe Said.

"Whos Ya Girlfriends?" She Asked Chloe.

"Rain, Dayna, Tonia And..." Chloe Said.

"And Lil Mama Right Here?" She Said Looking My Way.

Mhmm Its A Miracle I Can Attract People On My Worst Day. What Do They See In Me Lord.

"Drea This Is Tay" Chloe Said.

"Love The Hair Tay... Its Cute On You" Drea Said Complementing Me.

"Thank You" I Said. "Glad You Think So" I Told Her.

"No Problem..." She Said Winking At Me.

Oh OK I Think I Made It Worst.

"Cloe There's This Party Tomorrow Night At Club Golden And I Want You To Slide Thru" She Said Handing Chloe A Flyer, Then Rain, Then Dayna And Then Tonia. "I Want You To Come To..." She Said Handing Me A Flyer.

"Come Turn Up" She Said To Everybody. "And Turn Out" She Said Looking At Me.

"Sure Will" Rain Said.

"Bring All Y'all Friends" Drea Said Walking Backwards. "Chloe Make Sure You Bring Tay To" She Said.

"Tays Taken You Know" Chloe Said.

"Tell Him I Said Wassup" She Yelled Back. "Bye Tay" She Said Flashing Me A Pearly White Smile.

I Waved Back To Her And Smiled Friendly Type Back.

"What Have I Gotten Myself Into" I Said To Myself.

"Its That Hair... Its Too Sexy" Tonia Said.

"If I Go Bald... Would I Still Get Hit On Or Nah?" I Said.

"Tay If You Cut Your Hair I Will Personally Fight You" Chloe Said Causing All Of Us To Laugh. "All That Good Hair" She Added.

"Riggght... And Now We Have A Reason To Shop" Dayna Said.

"Yeah I Need Me A Outfit" Rain Said. "I Gotta Look Goooood" She Said.

"Alright Lets Say We Meet Up In The Food Court When We Done" Chloe Said.

"Its A Date" Tonia Said.

We All Separated. Tonia Wanted To Go By Herself And Dayna And Rain Went Their Way And Only Me And Chloe Were Left And We Went Shopping Together.


(Tonia POV)

I Dont Even Know Why I Even Agreed To Come To The Mall With These Girls. I Don't Even Like Them. Chloe And Dayna They Cool... Rain She To Ratchet For Me And Gem's Girlfriend She Alright I Mean She Pretty But She Ain't All That. I Don't Know What Gem See In Her.

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