Chapter 7

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(Taylor POV)

"Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up" Ma Yelled In The Hallways.

"Let's Go.... Get Up Everybody" Grandma Mattie Yelled Banging On The Doors.

"Ohh God..." I Said With My Face In The Pillow.

"What Time Is It?" Gemini Said.

"Too Early..." I Said.

"Rise And Shine" Ma Said Coming Back Down The Hallway.

"Go To Sleep Jade" I Heard Grandpa Yell.

"Get Up Old Man" Grandma Yelled.

"This Dick Ain't Old Doe" Grandpa Said. "And You Know It" He Added Causing Everybody To Get Loud And Bust Out Laughing.

"Yall Got 15 Minutes To Get Downstairs" Ma Yelled As Her Voice Faded Away.

"Do We Have To Get Up?" I Asked Gemini.

"Yeah Unless You Want Her To Come In And Pour Water On You" He Said.

I Got Up From The Bed And Headed For The Bathroom At The Same Time Gemini Got There.

"I'm Going First" I Said.

"Gone Head" He Said.

As I Entered The Bathroom He Soon Entered After Me.

"I Could've Sworn I Said I Was Going First" I Said Holding My Toothbrush In My Hand.

"I Know" He Said.

"So Why Are You In Here?" I Asked Squeezing Some Toothpaste Onto My Toothbrush.

"Well When A Man Gots To Go A Man Gots To Go... Right?" He Said.

"Please Dont..." I Started But Then He Did The Unbelievable. Gemini Really Dont Care About Nobody's Eyes.

"Too Late" He Said.

"Once Again You Could've Warned Me Before Whiping Out Like That" I Said.

"You Didn't Catch On To The Whole A Man Gots To Go Speech" He Said. "Plus Maybe I Wanted You To See It" He Said.

"Now Why Would I Wanna See It?" I Asked Covering One Side Of My Face As I Began To Brush My Teeth.

"For In Case When Your Hanging With Rain Or Dayna And Y'all Get Into The Talk So You Can Have Something To Talk About" He Said Draining Himself Out.

"Are You Ok?" I Asked Him After Spitting And Pre-Rinsing My Mouth.

"Yeah" He Said As He Came Over And Washed His Hands.

"Did You Decide That You Were Gone Wake Up And Talk About Your Dick Today?" I Asked.

"I Just Feel Good Today..." He Said.

"Whatever" I Said As I Went Back To Brushing My Teeth.

"Also His Name Is Magic Stick Or Mini Gem Small Facts Also Its A Good Gut Length" He Said And It Was Killing Me That I Couldn't Reply Till I Finished Brushing My Teeth So All I Did Was Put A Finger Up Saying "Just A Minute".

Gemini Noticed That I Couldnt Talk At The Moment So He Continued Talking Cause I Couldn't Hit Him With No Remark. He Came Close Beside Me And Pressed Up Against Me.

"I Was Wondering Do You Really Hate Me Or Is It True That You Be Acting?" He Asked.

With That I Moved Away From Him A Bit While Still Brushing.

"Mhmm Mhmm Come Here" He Said Pulling Me Close To Him By My Shirt. He Leaned Against The Sink While Keeping A Hand On My Waist. He Was So Close. Like Too Close For Comfort.

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