Chapter 8

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(Chloe POV)

There Was A Itch And It Was Right On My Nose. I Itched Then I Felt The Itch Again. But This Time I Felt It On My Neck Then I Scratched It And Felt Something Moist. I Opened My Eyes And There Stood Gem , TD And Charlie. Seconds After All I Seen Was White... I Couldnt See But I Knew They Were Whip Creaming My Hair And Whip Cream Was All Over My Face.

"Are You Serious?" I Said Sitting Up And Wiping My Face. "I Just Washed My Hair" I Said.

"Wash It Again" Gem Said.

"Classic" TD Said.

"And A Cherry To Top Off Your Pie" Gem Said And They Laughed And All Walked Out.

I Got Up From Bed And Went And Cleaned My Face. After I Took A Quick Shower And Washed My Hair AGAIN.

After I Was Done I Went Downstairs To Find Out Where Everybody At. Then I Heard A Scream. It Was Taylor I Rushed To Go See What Was Going On.

Tay Sat In Front Of The Mirror Pulling At Her Hair Which Was Once Black But Now It Was Blue And Purple. Wow Dope Look.

"Oh My God" She Said.

"You Dyed Your Hair" I Said.

"No I Didn't ... And If I Did I Wouldn't Choose These Ratchet Colors" She Said.

"Its Pretty Doe" I Said Going Over To Her.

"There's Nothing Pretty About This" She Said.

"Then Why'd You Dye It?" I Asked. "Was It A Dye Gone Wrong?" I Asked.

"Really Dye Gone Wrong" She Said.

"What Happen Tay?" I Asked.

"I Don't Know" She Said. "I Used My Usual Shampoo And This Happens" She Said. "I Look Like A Clown" She Said Putting Her Head Down. "A Damn Fool" She Said With Her Head Still Down.

Then I Heard Snickers And Laughs. Tay Heard It To Cause She Lifted Her Head And There In The Door Way Stood Gem, TD And Charlie.

"You Did This" She Said Looking A Gem .

"No Why Would I?" He Said.

"Cause You Are Gemini Davis" Tay Said.

"Yes I Am" Gem Said. "But There's Nothing Wrong With It" He Said Smirking.

"There's Nothing Wrong With It... Its Blue And Purple Damn It!" She Yelled.

"You Needed Some Color In Your World" He Said And Tay Took Off After Gem. They're So Adorable.

Up The Stairs Then Down The Stairs Then Over The Couch And In And Out Of Rooms They Went And Charlie And TD Cheered Them On. Charlie Cheered For Gem And I Cheered For Tay And TD Ofcourse Cheered For Both. Tay Stayed On Gem's Tail Straight Thru At All Times.

"Gemini I Am Going To Kill You" Tay Said.

"Why Be So Violent?" He Asked.

"Im Gone Stab You" Tay Said.

"Where's The Love?" Gem Asked Toughing His Chest.

"Ima Stick My Foot In Your Ass" Tay Said.

"You Gotta Catch Me First" Gem Said.

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