Chapter 14

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...Next Day...

(Gemini POV)

The Next Day Nobody Woke Up. Well Only The Oldies In The House Cause They Didn't Go Partying Last Night But Other Then Them Nobody Was Awake. The House Was Quiet.

"Tay?" I Called As I Layed Facing The Ceiling. "I Know Your Awake" I Said. She's Been Turning And Twisting For The Last 5 Minutes Or So.

"Its Too Early... Let Me Sleep" She Said.

"I Wanna Talk To You..." I Said.

"Well I Dont... I'm Sleepy" She Said.

"Please Tay" I Said.

"Do I Have A Choice?" She Asked.

"Yeah" I Said.

"OK Then Now Let Me Sleep" She Said Getting Comfortable And Turing Her Back At Me.

I Pulled The Covers Off Her... She Had On Some Tights And A Over Sized Shirt And Her Booty Was Still Looking Right. She Tried To Search For The Covers With Her Hands.

"Gemini" She Said.

"Yessss" I Said.

"Can I Have The Cover?" She Asked.

"Can We Talk?" I Ask

"I Thought I Had A Choice?" She Asked Turing To Me.

"No Not Really" I Said.

She Turned To Face Me Then She Grabbed The Covers. She Pulled The Covers Up To Her Neck.

"What's So Important?" She Asked.

"Sooo I Was Wondering Why Don't You Tell Me Some Important Facts About Yourself" I Said.

"Really" She Said. "We Can Do This Later" She Added Turning Back Around.

"Come On Tay Please..." I Said Placing My Hand On Her Back And Moving It Slowly Towards Her Ass.

"Get Your Hand Off Me You Pervert" She Slapping My Hand Away.

"When Was The Last Time You Got Some Tay?" I Asked Her. Shit Now That I Think About It, Im Gone Be Giving Her 4000 After All This Movie Of Ours Is Done Plus The 500 I've Been Given Her The Lease She Couldve Done Was Give A Nigga Some.

"Dont Worry Bout It" She Said.

Her Phone Vibrated And I Reached Over Her And Grabbed It Before She Got To It.

"Mhmmm Let's See Who Ms. Taylor Has Been Caking With?" I Said Opening Her Messages.

"No Gemini" She Said Lunging For Her Phone.

I Was To Quick For Her. I Got Off The Bed And Ran Towards The Bathroom But She Got Their First And Blocked Me.

"Hey Baby Good Morning" I Said Out Loud. Then I Tried Leaving But She Blocked That Door.

"Why You Play So Much?" She Asked Me.

"I Will Like To See You Again" The Text Said.

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