Chapter 7

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My eyes slowly peel open. My head is banging and my legs are numb. Where am I? I look around at my surroundings. I'm lying on the floor in a room with a window looking into another room. I glance down at my pocket. My mother. Where is she? What was she doing here? What are they going to do to her? I have so many questions I need the answers to.

Suddenly the door swings open and Bobby marches forward with his rifle smartly swung over his left shoulder and his neatly pressed suit and black shades covering his green eyes. He smiles.

"Good, your awake. Get up, and lets go." He commands but in a softer tone than all the other guards.

I grumble, why is he being......nice? This is Bobby Dilan, what's he planning?

"Will?" he says hurridly

I snap out of it and come back into reality, "Um, where are we going?" I ask hesitantley

"Em...never mind, we just have to go!"

He reaches his hand down to me and I accept, lunging into his arms as he all of a sudden pulls me to my feet. I stand back amazed at how quickly he did that and with no effort at all. 

"C'mon!" he yells

I nod and run after him out of the room. 

"Wait!" I call after about five seconds.

"What!" He says impatiently

"Where's my um....mother?" I ask 

"Well she's ......................." He starts but stops ubrutly when someone screams from somewhere down the corridor. My mum? No. They wouldn't just kill her, would they?

"That was her............I think." he says quietly

I just shake my head slowly. I don't know whats wrong with me but I feel like I was lose to her at sometime. I think she loved me. But what I can't get out of my head is the thought that I may of killed my father. I just can't bare to tell that to her face, if I ever see her again. Sudenly I start crying uncontrollably until I end up weeping in Bobbys arms. I don't even know my mother, why should I care what happens to her? She abandoned me, left me alone with no one to love or care for me. Well except Ms Bloomberri.

"I know this is hard but I just want you to know that I'm....I'm .....emmm here with you." he whispers in my ear softly.

I blush, I'm a wreck and lying in Bobby Dilan's arms but it. I smile up at him and he surprisingly smiles back at me. Not the kind of smile you do if your passing someone you know or a sympathy smile but a smile that carves itself deep inside your heart. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel........different with him in his arms. I feel like it's normal but it's not, and as much as I don't want to, I nudge his arms off my shoulders and shakily stand up. 

"Um .....sorry for um...that." I say feeling like an idiot

He smiles as he rises to his feet, "It's ok, I understand. But we really have to go."

"Where are we going."

"Well, um your not going to like it but I want you to know I don't want this to happen. It wasn't my idea. Ok?"

"Where are you taking me Bobby?" I ask suspiciously 

He grabs my wrist making me cry out. I try to shake his grip off but give up, he's way to strong. 

"Please just let me go." I plead

He looks like hes going to cry which I should take to my advantage but I can't bare to watch him fall to the ground as I slit his throat with my tooth. A trick I learned a few years ago. Yeah I have to pull out a tooth but if it's to murder someone then....why not, I'll live with one missing tooth?

I can feel his grip loosening but I don't want to leave him. Not like this.

Coming to this city has changed me. I can't bring myself to murder Bobby Dilan so I doubt I'll be able to kill anyone. Crap. This is just great. 

"Look, Willow, I'm taking you to......your emmm boyfriend's death." He says gulping at the boyfriend part.

"My boyfriend?" I say, letting out a sigh of relief. I don't have a boyfriend.

"I don't have one." I say smiling, I thought I was being lead to my death. 

He stops abrutly and turns me to face him, "Daymien.......can't remember his last name but you know who I'm talking about right?"

My heart skips three beats. Daymien as in Day my best friend? No. Please no!

"You know, Day from back at our primary school."

I nod my head slowly, still in complete shock.

"W-Why i-is h-he being killed?"

"You emmm you were seen with him a few days ago. Down an alleyway somewhere."

"By who?"

"Well the authorities knew you were in the city. Your finger print was registered in the system. Everyone who puts their finger on the scanner is being micro-chipped with a microscopic tracker so we know where every citizen is. Day failed to alert us that you were here and not only that, he lead you through the gates and talked to you secretly."

I take in what Bobby just told me, but he didn't answer my question. 

"Who told the authorities? Yes my finger print was put in the system but they wouldn't of known to look for my print, hundreds of people go through the city gates everyday. No way would they check every single scan. So tell me who told them."


"WHO TOLD THEM!!!!" I scream in his face

"Me." He says blankly

I step back from him. I don't hesitate or feel the pain as I yank a tooth from my gum and shove it into his left eye. Wow that was fast. I imediatly regret it but stop myself before I try to help him.

He yells at the top of his lungs and collapses to the floor cluching his face with his hands which are dripping with a joint mixture of my blood and his. 

"Next time you'll think twice before grassing my friend but more importantly ME!" I whisper to his face suddenly enjoying his pain.

I get up and run down the corridor. I need to find Day and then do what I'm best at. Hiding. 

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