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Chapter 1- Kandee

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story includes: Strong language

Kandee's POV

"Is that it?" One of the movers asks, while standing by the door.

"Yes. Thank you!" I reply.

"Ok, just sign here." He says.

"Alright." I say as I look at the paper. I had already read the paper a few hours ago, all of it was definitely serious business. Good thing I was in law...well kinda in law...ok I wasn't in law...yet.

I sign the paper, then the man and his men left the house. It was the second day of being in Manchester. I was here because I was about to attended Uni. The first day I spent here was all about moving boxes into my new flat. Today was all about setting everything up. The men were here to set up my Tv, Computer, and other stuff.

The flat was nice. It was quite plain though. It had white walls and...well...white everything. I only a had a few boxes left to unpack. They were filled with stuff I could put around the flat to add a personal touch to it. I did talk to the owner of the building and they said that I was allowed to paint one wall in my flat, but if I moved I had to paint it back to white.

I'm tired from all the moving, so I decide to set up my bed and take a nap. I'm glad to set up my bed, because last night I had to sleep in a small old motel.

I didn't have a comforter or any sheets, so I'm literally sleeping on a bed with a matress and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle blanket. I am very happy to sleep, I'm still jet lagged. I came all the way from a small town in Kentucky.

I'm not quite sure what type of accent I have. I consider it to be a mix. A mix of American, and a little bit of British. My mom's British and so is most of family.

I think I only had one relative that lives in England, currently. That's my Great Grandmother, and her sister. Everyone else just sorta moved to the U.S. I only ever visited her once. That was when I was about 9. I don't remember much from my trip. All I can really remember is the airport (going to London), visitng my great grandma's house, and the airport going back home.

I start thinking about how wonderful Manchester was going to be. Manchester may not be London, but I'm just happy to be in England. I absolutely love England, It was my dream place to live. Well other Then New York. I don't know what to do next. Do I get a job? Do I try to make friends here? Do I meet my neighbors? I think about it. I decide to visit my neighbors once I got up.

It's about 12 pm when I wake up. My suitcase isn't unpacked. I decide to do it quickly. I still have my decorating boxes to go through, but I decide to meet my neighbors first.

I get dressed, brushed my hair, all of that basic stuff.

I am a little scared to meet them. I'm shy, but I wat to try to make friends here. I miss my old friends, but I'm gonna try to make things work. I'm hoping that maybe one of my neighbors would eventually become my friend.

It's around 1 pm, I decide to head over next door. I knock on the door that was to the left of me. I knock.

"I'll be right there!" I heard someone say.

A minuet later a girl about my age opens the door.

"Hi. I'm the new girl, I live next door. I just came to meet my neighbor." I say.

"Oh hi!" The girl says. "I'm Jess, Nice to meet you!" Jess holds out her hand for me to shake. She seems really nice.

"Hi Jess! I'm Kandee." I tell her.

"Ooo what a pretty name! How do you spell it?" She asks me.

I spell it out for her.

"Woah! That an awesome name. Would you like to come in?" She offers.

"Yes, thank you." I reply. Jess has blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. She's wearing purple pajamas. We sit down on her couch and we talk. We get to know each other. She is 19, the same age as me. She works in photography, and travles a lot. We can both tell we were going to be good friends.


Hi! I decided to make a fanfic about Dan and Phil! It is going to alternate between characters each chapter! I really hope you enjoy it! Thanks!



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