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Location: Fulmen

Night: 21 , Fourth Month of Bruma


I walked back and forth in my room, waiting for the time to come. I've never felt this desperate to see someone, but she was different. I mean, she was like the rest of the girls who would always be all over me, but her ... she gave off a different aura.

I couldn't even express to myself how much I wanted her. I couldn't even believe how slow time was passing for me. I groaned.

To hell with it!

I jerked the door open and ran to the southern wing. The doors to the garden were open, but the lights were turned off. I was walking in darkness. I heard the crackling of thunder, though. I walked faster and stepped outside. I followed the light of the streaks.

I smiled.

I crept towards the lightning. I inched forward to touch it.

"Watch out, bad boy. You could get hurt."

Her voice gave me chills. I turned around to look at her only to swallow down my words. If there were words to describe her, it just wouldn't be fair to her.

And I didn't mean that in a good way. She was the opposite of good.

She stepped forward slowly, taunting me with every step. She wore a bright red dress with a slit right along her right leg that led all the way up her hip. Her legs were sparkling with desire, but I couldn't look away. I looked up to see the deep V-neck of the dress that showed off too much of her cleavage. Everything was just out to be seen. Her flawless skin was mesmerizing as she slowly put her hair up in a messy bun.

She took a few steps forward and said, "Well, then? Are you going to touch it?"

I stepped back. "Is this a trap?"

"Hasn't it always been a trap? You should know better." She smiled with so much allure. She walked up to me and slid an arm around my neck. "Well, don't you want me?"

I looked down at the body that was presented to me. Every inch of my body desired her, but there was a conscience that I had to answer to afterwards. I mean, I am a man. I have my needs, but for once, this didn't feel right.

I slid an arm down her back, to her waist, and lower. Under her breath, she gave a small gasp. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. She threw back her head, revealing her chest to me. My hand went back to her waist then to her back.

"Are you having regrets?" she whispered, not moving. "Are you not ... aroused?" She looked at me with the hugest eyes, testing me. Her legs moved closer. We were in a tight embrace and I had no way out. I was in a literal trap.

"More than you think," I whispered quietly. I wasn't sure if she heard me because she didn't say anything.

Her eyes examined my face for several seconds before she said, "You aren't what I hoped. Do you wish to court me? Is that how I will be able to get your attention?"

"I thought you knew me."

She smiled with her eyes fluttering at me. "Well, didn't I come to see you for myself? Perhaps, you're different with every girl that you meet."

"I am different because each one is different. I don't respond the same to every girl I see. Like you, you're just someone I want to - "

I heard sirens. I looked away, searching frantically. I hoped the guards didn't run here quickly. I let go of her and said, "Go before they see us and we both get in trouble." She nodded and ran away.

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