Tyrion Lannister Catch Up {Preferences}

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A/N: Hey guys, 

Since Izzy has added Ramsey Bolten to her preference characters. I decided to add Tyrion please enjoy. I will be writing all the preferences he hasn't been in to catch up.



How you meet: You and Tyrion met in a brothel your aunt owned the brothel and wanted you to be a good girl and wait on the men that needed it. Even if that meant a few of the men having their way with you which happened often. You being young and beautiful your aunt even allowed it. Then you met Tyrion one day your aunt ordered you to bring the nice lord his wine and ask him what whore he requests.

He looked like a nice man and was very polite when you gave him his wine. You asked about the whore and he said "you" you took his hand and started to lead him to a private room thinking he was serious "No no my dear I was just joking" he said. "I'm sorry my Lord am I not good enough?" you said dissapointed he shook his head "No miss your just much to young it wouldn't be right"' he said politely making you feel special. That's how you met Tyrion Lannister.

What you and him do in your free time: You and Tyrion spend your free time drinking wine and talking it's enough for you considering your not a lady and you usually laugh when he tells you nice jokes.

First Kiss: Your first kiss with Tyrion was a bit unexpected and sloppy not very sweet but he was yours and you were his and just the fact that he kissed you made everything perfect.

First time you felt a real connection: You and Tyrion connected the first time you both made a snide remark about the royals acting all perfect. You both sniggered and then burst out laughing after the snide remark you both made.

First time you went all the way: It was a few nights after you met and you felt like you weren't good enough and he held your hands and promised you that you were. "Prove it" you said sadly and he did he slept with you that night making you have the best night of your life and you knew out of all the men you'd slept with he was the best.

Our weddings: You married Tyrion and it was a simple affair his sister always hissed that you were a whore and didn't need a proper wedding and his father and nephew often agreed his nephew adding that he didn't need one either from being a dwarf. But Tyrion  insisted that you deserved one and his brother insisted it would be a good idea as well.

Your ceremony wasn't much and only a few people came. But the bedding was the best and you connected even more with Tyrion after that as you were able to call him your husband and he could call you his wife.

Your Children: You had one child with Tyrion, A daughter her name is Aileen.

Favourite Place To Do It- Smut:  The ocean at night it was calm and nice and it was just the two of you no one around for ages except ships but they were miles away and you had the excuse that you were just swimming.

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