Component 34 - Conviction

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The forge fell to his knees by Azteron's side, and grabbed at the pool of blood, desperately trying to put it back into his father's body. The blood only matted the minotaur's fur more, and the rest slipped through his metallic fingers.

"Father!" Angon cried. "Wake up!"

Buster shoved past the group and rushed around the opposite side of the fallen pair. He began running his hands over Azteron's blood spot, and shook his balding head.

"Azteron's been stabbed, and he prolly ain't gonna be making it." Buster grumbled.

He put his hands together and whispered a prayer to Sheeva, mainly out of habit. Then with all the conviction in his heart he put his hands to Azteton's wound.

A bluish light emanated from his palms and he could feel the wound trying to close. It would take time for the spell to fully take effect, and the dwarf knew Azteron may nto have that much time.

"Is he going to die?" Angon whispered.

"I don't be knowing." Buster said, sweat beading his forehead as he strained to get out his healing energies. "How's the girl?"

Lavina was kneeling next to Ramona, and had rolled her onto her back. Ramona's head lolled about on her shoulders.

"There's a wound on the back of her head." Lavina said. "I think she was just knocked out though. The blood is all Azteron's."

"How could this happen?" Angon breathed. "Who did this?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Gavin said, standing over the forge with his arms crossed. "It was that female orc and her goons. She's probably on her way to Mount Chronos right now, and who really knows what she's out to do."

"She's going to summon... Torchwood." Ramona coughed, opening her eyes. Still weak, she had to close them again.

"What is Torchwood?" Angon asked, turning to the half-elf.

"A god." Lavina said.

"That bitch has Soul Rupture." Gavin shook his head. "No we're all doomed. There will be no hiding if that god comes to the mortal realm!"

"But wait..." Ramona forced a grin. "I have this."

The hafling held up her hand and between two fingers she displayed a chunk of blade.

"That's from Soul Rupture?" Lavina asked.

"Uh huh." Ramona whispered. "So Gonzeelda can't enact her plan."

"She can still summon.... The god." Azteron whispered through bloody lips.

"Shh." Angon said. "Don't talk. You need to get better."

"You still must go after her." Azteron shook his head. "Her spell may not be as potent as with the whole of Soul Rupture, but it could still cause devastation beyond the mortal scale."

The minotaur tried to sit up, but Buster forced him down to his back.

"Stay put!" Buster snapped. "If ye want yer wound to close, then ye need to stop reopening it!"

"I must prepare." Azteron whispered. "I must do something. Anything. Torchwood will need to be stopped."

"I'll stop him, Father." Angon said.

Azteron turned his head to Angon, although he couldn't see. A tear escaped the minotaur's eye, and he smiled.

"So have you chosen?" Azteron whispered. "Have you chosen to stay as you are? A powerful..."

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