Morning Routine

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Capricorn: Wake up early, watch T.V, eat breakfast, do last nights homework, then go to school.

Aquarius: Wake up really early, then watch T.V all day and skip school.

Pisces: Gets up at a reasonable time, takes a shower, makes lunch, then goes to school.

Aries: Gets up at a reasonable time, eats breakfast in bed then gets ready., and goes to school.

Taurus: Wakes up really early, cries, goes to parents room and stays there until they have to get ready for the bus, then gets on the bus and leave for school.

Gemini: Wakes up lateish, goes for a run, then skips school because they are to busy reading.

Cancer: Sleeps the whole day.

Leo: Gets up at a reasonable time, eats, gets ready, packs bags, then get in their friends car and goes to school.

Virgo: Same as Leo but gets up later.

Libra: Wakes up early, reads, gets ready, then goes to school but arrives late because they were reading.

Scorpio: Wakes up at a reasonable time, gets ready, leaves on time to school.

Sagittarius: Wakes up late doesn't change and attempts to do hair, then goes to school.

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