i wrote dis shit when i was 12 and published it when i was 13. so it's dumb and cringy and idk how people like it but i was young

so just putting that out there i'm now

still gonna read? okay i warned you

btw now i'm 15

06 may 2018


*4 years ago*

Hi my name is Alexa and today is April 3rd 2015, today was the day I stopped facing my fear of asking the "boy of my dreams" out. Grayson Bailey Dolan, he was the hottest guy in school.

My best friend Amanda is going to watch me ask Grayson out. I wasn't nervous or feeling anything at the moment, it was lunch time and I was walking to where Grayson was sitting.

I go up to him and tap his shoulder, he turns around and looks at me in my eyes. I got lost in his big hazel eyes. They were gorgeous, nice I flashed back into reality. I asked him. "Can we talk for a minute. Alone." He nodded his head and got out of his seat.

We walked outside and he said, "what's up?" I was getting nervous. I felt sweat coming from my armpits, I started to panic. I finally had the guts to say, "Grayson, will you go out with me?" He laughed.

Right my face. When he finally caught his breath he said, "I would never go out with you, your so fat and ugly. I hate freckles, you smell bad all the time. There is no way in one thousand years I would date you." He finally left and I stood there like a idiot.

I looked at myself and thought of every word Grayson Dolan told me. And realized that he was right. I don't even know why I tried to get someone like Grayson. My legs became weak, and I fell down. And tears ran down my face, I saw my best friend run to me and comfort me.

And that moment on I realized how ugly I was. I am going to change myself, inside out. I hated myself now.


Alexa's p.o.v

Another day at hell great, awesome, cool. I got out of my Jeep and headed to the doors of my school, I saw my best friend David. He's an amazing person I don't know how I could survive freshman and sophomore year without him. He ran to me and said, "Hey hoe." I laughed and hugged him and said, "Sup fag."

I met David my freshmen year and we've been best friends ever since. Amanda and I drifted apart ever since she started to day Ethan Dolan. Grayson's brother, how could I forget about them two. They made the rest of my 7th and 8th grade a horrible experience for me.

David and I walked to my locker, "So, are you coming over to watch season 5 of America Horror Story with me tonight?" He asked. "Obviously boy, I always do when it comes on." I said. He laughed then 5 minutes later I closed my locker and was walking away from it.

I started to walk to my 1st period, which was Math I had it with David so it wasn't terrible. While I was walking I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the devil straight in his eyes.


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