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Instead of going home she went to her favorite spot. The only place she could be alone and think.

The art museum.

Shelby loved art. She loved to paint and draw, or just look at all the pictures other people drew.

It was her only talent. For a while she use to think she was no good. That's what everyone said.

Looking around she found a bench in the corner to sit at.

She pulled her sketch book from her bag and started to draw.

Her biggest dream was to have one of her pictures hung in an art museum. Who wouldn't want to see something they did, when every one said they couldn't, out for the public to see.

But dreams are for when you're asleep, they aren't reality.

When she finished her piece she put her book back in her bag.

For the next two hours she walked around. Looking and observing each painting.

She's seen them all before but never gets tired of looking at them.

"It's beautiful isn't it" a voice asked, startling Shelby.

She turned to see who the voice belonged to and came face to face with the kid she ran into in the hallway at school.

Was he following her?

"Cat got your tongue?" He asked her and took a few steps forward. They were now standing parallel to each other.

"Yes...no..ugh..yes its beautiful and no the cat doesn't have my tongue" she stuttered out.

He let out a small chuckle.

He found it quite cute the way she couldn't talk to him. He found her interesting. How many girls do you know that go to museums in their free time.

She felt awkward just standing there so she moved down to the next framed painting.

But he followed her.

"I'm Tristan" he said holding his hand out for her to shake.

She just looked at it and then at him. Instead of shaking his hand she left.

Just like that.

Walked right past him and out the door.

She knows how guys are. They act polite to get the girl, and for the first few weeks they are complete gentleman, but when they have the girl they treat her like she is trash.

And she didn't want that.

She didn't want anything.

Except maybe a cat.

Okay this is a HORRIBLE chapter. Its super short and super sucky.
Anyway, i think I'm going to write in Shelby's POV for now on, because like why not.


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