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The year 2330.

The planet had just seen its most terrible world war yet. Advanced nuclear bombs had shredded the land, destroying billions of lives, and felling entire nations. The damage was irreparable; radiation would fog over half the planet for hundreds of years.

The Earth was broken, weary. . .it couldn't take much more. If warring continued, the Earth would no longer be able to survive.

Realizing this, the Great Leaders around the world banded together to create the Council. They knew that humans will always find conflict with one another, and will always seek to end their arguments through violence. After all – it had been happening from the instant man set foot upon the Earth.

So, after long discussions and deliberations, the Leaders created the Covenant. An agreement to destroy all warring technology. Bombs were destroyed. Tanks and war machines were deconstructed. Entire military forces were disbanded. All technology that could be used for war was utterly destroyed, along with all blueprints, instructions, and information pertaining to them. All that was permitted were the basics that allowed human life to prosper. Electricity. Vehicles. Communications. Medical technology. The like.

To make sure the Covenant was upheld, the Leaders created Troit, which in turn created Flyers. Flyers were to be the sole military force on the planet, a nation-neutral police whose only purpose was to make sure the Covenant was obeyed. They alone were given simplistic weaponry – swords, stun grenades, guns. They were to flush out and utterly destroy all those who held any form of forbidden technology.

For several years, the flyers did their job well. There were skirmishes, arguments, battles, yes – but for the most part, the general populace remained unaffected and unharmed. The people were content. They recognized their need for flyers, for the Covenant, and they were satisfied.

Then –

The flyers changed.

And war began once more.

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