Favourite Place To Do It {Smut-Preference}

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Jojen Reed: Under the trees was your first place and is your favourite seems special and will always be special.

Jonsnow: In a cave, was your first time in a cave and it's private so you have less chance of getting caught.

Robb Stark: Classic the bed will always be the best place for it.

Bran Stark: Anywhere your both spontaneous and very naughty sometimes you don't even care if you get caught.

Tommen Baratheon: The Throne only when everyone is sleeping if Joffrey caught you fucking on his throne he would have both of your heads.

Joffrey Baratheon: You both enjoy sneaking out and making love in the Sept over the last Targaryen's grave. He says that it feels powerful to fuck over the dead looney's grave, he likes the thrill more than anything. It's only fun until you get caught, the high sparrow would lock you both up for the act itself.

Jamie Lannister: His bed is sufficient, you two would honestly do it anywhere. It didn't really matter. But the more risky the hotter it got.

Ramsay Bolton: He enjoyed it in his fathers bed. Roose always doubts upon his son so he likes to get back at him in ways he will never know of.

Khal Drogo: Your tent is your most used place, but your favorite place is under the stars where no body will ever see you other than the gods. He loved to feel like an animal and you loved to be his pray.

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