XV- "My Grandma Looks Better Than You, She's Been Dead For 10 Years"

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Indianna sat down in the library and fanned herself with her hands, blowing air out of her mouth. "Hot?" Cassie wondered, sitting down next to Indianna.

Indianna nodded and closed her eyes, trying to forget about the piercing migraine that was developing. 

"Are you okay?" Cassie asked. "You don't look too good."

"I'll be fine," Indianna said quietly and opened her eyes. "I'll be fine."

*No, you won't,* Greyson's voice said smugly in her head and she sighed. *You always say that and you're always wrong.*

*This time will be different.*

*Oh really?* He chuckled.

*Really,* she snapped.

*I'm in the canteen, sugar,* he said.

*Good for you.*

*Stop being fucking stubborn and come downstairs,* he said.

*I don't know what's making my head hurt more, this migraine or your voice.*

Greyson chuckled in her mind. *It's been four days and each day it gets harder for you, I told you that you couldn't fight this.*

Indianna ran her fingers through her hair and groaned. She was in pain. She had been for the past three days. She could make it stop so easily, but she couldn't give in. She had to fight it for as long as possible.

"Indianna, I don't mean to pry..." Cassie trailed off and Indianna arched an eyebrow at her.


"There's been many rumors going around about you and-"

"Please don't finish that sentence," Indianna groaned.

"So it's not true, you and Greyson aren't a thing?"

Indianna gritted her teeth and didn't reply.

Cassie smirked at her silence. "So you are?" 

"It's complicated," Indianna sighed.

*You're the one making it complicated, sugar,* Greyson said.

*Shut the hell up.*

"Complicated?" Cassie wondered.

"Complicated," Indianna repeated and gasped.

"Are you alright?"

"I think I'm going to be sick," Indianna gulped and grabbed her bag, jumping out of the chair and rushing to the toilets.

Luckily it was empty as Indianna puked the contents of her stomach into the toilet. It wasn't much, mainly liquid. She hadn't eaten much, only one bite of an apple six hours earlier. "Fuck," Indianna groaned and rinsed her mouth out at the sinks. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and sighed. She looked worse than she did when she was ill previously. Her dark hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail, she had dark bags under her eyes and had a grey tint to her skin.

Indianna splashed some water onto her face and reached into her bag, taking out her sunglasses out some tablets and some mints. She took two tablets in hopes that they would cure her headache, ate the mints and swapped her normal glasses for her sunglasses, trying to hide her face as much as possible.

"There you are." Indianna jumped in shock when Kirstie, Greyson's older sister, walked in to the toilets and looked up at Indianna. "Let's go, kid."

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