Sexy School Girl.

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The night my life changed was just like any other. It was a quiet Thursday evening and I was slumped in my chair with a pen and note pad in hand, after all I was in the perfect place to let my thoughts wander to the gutter.

The library, it wasn't too crowded and I was surrounded by the love of my life. Books. Dusty, old books.

Maybe that was why I couldn't hold down a relationship for more than a few months, they never understood my fascination with the English language nor the fact that I enjoyed reading as much as I did. If only there was a guy out there that didn't mind me being a bookaholic, I thought with a pout.

My gaze trailed over to the large clock hanging on the wall above the front entrance and I couldn't help but count down the minutes till I could leave. My eyes felt heavy and all I craved was a nice, hot bath and cuddles with my adorable little fluff ball who was waiting for me.

There was only a few people left studying, sitting at the tables with their head in a book; oblivious to the outside world. Some had been there for a good hour or so, so I could only hope that their notes were nearly finished.

The sooner they left, the sooner I could make my way to the safe haven of my bed.

For someone who didn't know me, they would assume was that I was a nerd with big thick glasses and had never even kissed a boy and was innocent as an angel due to my big blue eyes and the latter would have been right apart from the countless fantasies written down in the little black note pad currently open on my lap. Never judge a book by its cover, I thought with a small smile.

No one would have guessed that I, Cassandra Night was a freak between the sheets or at least, I thought I would be. At twenty three years of age, I should have had sex by now and god did I want to yet I just hadn't found the right guy.

Despite my perverted side, I wanted to give myself to a man that I could see a future with. A romantic with a dirty mind, how cute. My subconscious giggled and I rolled my eyes. I'd find someone eventually, right?

Shifting on my seat, I pulled down my pencil skirt, hating the way it rode up my thighs so much. It was surprisingly warm inside yet I knew once my shift was over the relentless wind would turn my legs to icicles as soon as I stepped out the double doors. Oh the joys of winter, I thought conically before my eyes then returned to my book.

Neatly placed onto the page was a story, an erotic one at that, telling the tale of a naughty little girl who hadn't done her homework and had gotten detention, again...

"Georgie, this is the third time in four days. What did you do now?"

The pretty, petite blonde gazed over at the handsome teacher from under her lashes.

"I forgot to do my homework."

"Again?" He shook his head and lent against his desk. "With the way you keep forgetting anyone would think you liked spending time here."

"Well maybe they'd be right."

Her soft whisper had Mr. Sanders pulse racing for all the wrong reasons. He shouldn't have yet he couldn't help eyeing up the young woman before him, thighs crossed under the desk and her skirt clinging to her hips.

She was delectable.

"You know, you don't have to sit all the way over there. I won't bite, much."

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