Ten Minutes in Tess's Head

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Before I begin I would like to note that:

A. Don't call me Tessa unless you want to seriously freak me out. It's Tess.

B. I cuss occasionally.

3. I get off topic easily.

D. I have a life, so this will not be updated on a set schedule. [Correction: I have a hectic life and am very busy.]

E. I use the word "duh", "dude", "bro", "guys", "gals" and "peeps" a lot. Sorry about that. It's because I was raised by surfing movies.

Now that I've cleared that up...to the business of the ten minute challenge. I've heard of this in the past and think it sounds pretty cool. I tried it once but totally failed. Today, I shall try again. Mostly because Katie is kinda pushy. :p I cave super easily, guys. Any sort of pressure and I'll do whatever you want.

I need a backbone. Sheesh.


I lied and make this fifteen minutes. Oops. Too late to change it now. :p

So, here goes. My immediate thoughts. Umm...

Oh god, guys, this is hard. Harder than Pavement's abs. Harder than Don's fists in the original Chapter Thirteen of RL. I've been thinking about Don a lot, honestly. I want to enter him into a Games. He's crazy. He's a killer. Don is the epitome of all the bad guys I own.

If you don't know, or haven't seen it, Rugged Lace is about Tyler White and her crazy brother Don White and her best friend Alise. (I don't know her last name but I promise it exists. XD) Anywho, Don is super abusive and forces her to make porn but Tyler's done it since she turned twelve and she's eighteen in the story so she's kinda used to it? But she wants out, and he won't let her out. And he's a clean freak, you know? So in one scene he's thinking about all this ugly dust and I forgot where I was going with this.



He ate a sandwich and it was the most evil thing I ever wrote. Guys, you may not know it, but Don eating a sandwich was pure evil. The lettuce was coated in mayonnaise and squeezed out of his lips and it squished and it WAS NOT EVEN HIS HE SERIOUSLY HAD JUST PICKED IT OFF A PLATE AND ATE IT. Then he broke it like one would a wine glass.

It was crazy.

Anywho, now that I've got that out of my system, I think my characters are great. I love them. They're some of the best things I've ever created. But mostly Don. I don't write about them much, which is sad. He's crazy. He's awesome. And he's a total psychopath by the end of the story.

I blame Psychopath for making me think of psychopaths and getting a beta reader for RL thus making me think of Don. I'm not certain if this makes any sense. Shouldn't my darn alarm be ringing? Where are my ducks? Quack?

No quacks. Guess there's still time to write.

Well...um...I also have Cyliaria. She's pretty evil. Her nails are purple. And uh...she cackles? She also killed Mirian, which was sad. (Spoilers. So sorry. You probably wasn't going to read it anyways. Hopefully. :p) She's in control of a demonic dragon and wants to rule the world. Pretty evil.

I mean, not as evil as Sir Dastardly, but I'm trying.

Maybe I should write more evil characters. Thinking about it, my two main evil people have:

1. Squished a sandwich


2. Made a dragon

That's sad. Well, one also raped and ruined his sister's life and stole her childhood. Does that count? He also was awful to Jake, who just wanted to do his heroin and save his sister. Darn heroin. Killing people and the like. Don't do drugs, kids. It'll do bad, bad things to you and one day be the reason you and your girlfriend aren't on the best of terms because you kinda sold her out for drugs. (More sorta spoilers. Aw shucks. It's not actually important. They're only tiny ones.)

But yeah. Evil characters. I need to be able to write them because right now I'm seriously lacking and I think it's showing too. I have Elijah, but he's not evil, he's a simile. Maybe I'll make him evil. Imagine Elijah as an evil guy. I think it'd go like this:

*cue dramatic, sad music*

Girl: Don't kill me! Please!

Elijah: What truly is death? Can we die when we do not know if we are living? Life is but a shadow, my dear. Shh, shh. Don't cry. The knife will go out so much quicker if the tears stop running down your sweet little face. *stabs her to death* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think that evil laugh really does it. How much more evil could you get? Yep. Definitely a bad guy. Expect it, peeps. He's going all Anikin Skywalker on these Hunger Games. He's gonna turn quicker than--

Oh! Look! My duck alarm. I guess that means I should shut up. I think I failed. Did I fail? I dunno.

This was Tess.


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