New Place

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~A bit of back story~

(You are Adams younger sister - So original right - Anyway you've just moved to Washington. You don't really have a place yet so your just staying with him and Aleasa. So you don't have a YouTube channel but sky is going to have you join the offices *Again SO original* yn is your name because I type quick and I don't feel like putting the /, Ok it's your first day in Washington after your flight.)

~New Place ~

I woke and sat bolt up confused and worried. I took in my surroundings. Why can't I wake up like people in movies, I think to myself with a chuckle. I stand and yawn.

"WHEEEEZY!" I heard Adam yell and the door swung open. I bursted out laughing and watched as Adam made multiple derp faces at me.

"Ready to go to the offices and meet my gang yn?" he questioned happily. I nodded. He did a happy dance and told me to get ready. I did what I needed to and dressed in black skinny jeans a Doctor who tardis shirt and my black converse. I skipped down the hall to the living room. I was greeted by a smiling Aleasa and a giggling Mason. I quickly hugged Aleasa and tickled Mason before walking outside to where Adam was waiting in his car.

"Hurry child!" he yelled making me laugh. I hurried and got in the passenger seat.

~At offices~

"Everyone will love you!" Adam continues explaining as we pull in to the office parking lot. As soon as the car stops moving I jump out and skip towards the door.

"You're such a kid." Adam says with a laugh as he follows me.

"Everyone needs to be a kid sometimes even if you're 18 like me." I say with a laugh.

"Oh God you're right, I missed your birthday!" Adam looked sad but when I hugged him he smiled and opened the door for me.

"WHEEEEZY!" he yelled as we walked in making me cover my ears.

I hear a voice from down a hall yell at Adam, "SHUT UP!" I laughed and a couple people came down the hall. I recognized them immediately. Most of the crew excluding Max walked up to me and introduced themselves.

(Btw sorry if I get some facts about their lives wrong or something. I don't exactly know everything about them haha sorry)

"My name is yn!" I said excitedly as I shook their hands. Everyone just smiled but I noticed Ross had a small pink tint on his cheeks.

"YAY EVERYONE LOVES HER! TOLD YOU SO!" Adam yelled the last part in my face. I hear loud footsteps from down the hall come close.

"QUIT YELLING ADAM!" I turn to see Max with an angry expression. He looked at everyone and met eyes with me. He suddenly became red in the face and quickly turned his attention towards Adam.

"Is that your sister?" He asked without yelling this time. Adam nodded and hugged me tightly and picked me up. I laughed and fist pumped the air.

"GO FORTH INTO THE OFFICES!" I yelled loudly. Adam laughed and ran down the hall holding me up but made sure I didn't hit the ceiling. "I can tell there related," I heard Ross say, laughing. Everyone agreed and I saw Max roll his eyes. "I hope she's not too much like him," he shivered when he said this and went back to work. Everyone else went back as well. Adam began helping me get set up.

(I hope you enjoyed this part. Again I don't know if this will get published but if so thanks for reading. If not I'm talking to myself... Anyway thanks hopefully you guys like it, even if you don't I'm continuing haha.)

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