Chapter Seventy Six

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"I don't like her." Anora said hotly as she sat in the mess hall across from Charlie.

"You don't even know her, Anora. She's only been here a short while'

"I don't care. I don't have to know someone to know that I don't like them."

'That doesn't make sense." Charlie shook his head at her.

"Yes it does, it's called instinct."

"Goodness, you really are a dragon." he chuckled.

"It's not funny." Anora made a face at him.

"Anora, everyone else here seems to like her."

"Yes because the men around here are all focused down in this area when she's talking." Anora said motioning to her own bosom. "No one is paying attention to anything else."

"Are you sure you're just not-"

"I swear if someone else accuses me of being jealous, I'm going to make Sultan look like a harmless kitten."

"All I'm trying to say is the people like her, Anora."

"But the dragons don't!" Anora snapped. "Why is everyone neglecting that but me? I saw how that Hebridean Black dragon looked at her, Charlie. What in the world would a dragon be afraid of when it comes to a human? Even magic hardly deters them from picking a fight. That's not right, something is horribly wrong there. But sure, everyone thinks I'm crazy because she flips her pretty blonde hair and shows some cleavage. I swear this sanctuary.." she arose and stormed out.

"Anora is very angry on the inside, isn't she?" Sebastian said taking a seat beside Charlie.

"No, she just cares a lot and when she gets a sense of something is wrong, she's pretty determined to figure out what it is."

"I think she's just afraid of a little female competition."

Charlie raised a brow at him. "Excuse you?"

"I'm just saying, Anora was pretty much the only female around here and she's very beautiful as you would agree, but now there is someone else here to look at, and maybe she feels threatened-"

"First off," Charlie said. "Anora isn't one to concern herself with looks, I don't think she even cares if someone is looking at her. Two, I welcome all the other men to look at Marisol, because Anora's with me and out of respect I would appreciate if everyone kept their eyes off of her, even though I understand it's difficult."

Sebastian shook his head. "Are you sure you're not part dragon too, you're sort of breathing fire down my neck here."

Anora stared out at the Hebridean Black that was feeling much better and since his stomach ache had eased itself, he was more active around the sanctuary.

"Why would you be afraid of someone that you could easily kill?" she muttered under her breath.

She was suddenly thrusted forward by Norberta nearly knocking her down the hill.

"Hey! Easy there!" Anora said rounding on her. "You're going to make me snap my neck doing that."

The dragon settled herself where Anora had been standing.

"Oh well excuse me for being in your spot, princess."

Norberta eyed the woman that seemed to blowing steam from her ears as she sat down a ways from where the dragon lied. She had hers crossed over her legs that were drawn to her chest as she mumbled under her breath.

She could hear Roscoe walking over probably in attempts to try and console the girl in anyway that he could, but Norberta whipped out her tail, striking him in the shoulder.

He growled in her direction but she kept her tail up, blocking the path to Anora assuming the dragon lady didn't want to be bothered at the moment.

Roscoe didn't seemed very thrilled and in passing to leave, snapped his jaws and her before looking to his shoulder.

Charlie finished up his meal, and brought his plate and the one Anora had left behind to clean. As he walked over, Marisol nearly crashed into him but he quickly stopped in place.

"Oh sorry about that." she said.

"It's not a problem." he responded dropping some things into separate bins.

"Anora left earlier looking quite upset." Marisol continued.

"Yeah well, it's been a rough over the last couple of months work wise, Anora works really hard."

"So I've heard."

The woman smiled at him, but Charlie couldn't find himself smiling back, his forced attempt came across as strained and he knew it.

Now he was beginning to understand what Anora meant by her instincts going off.

"You know I've been around for a little while now and I still haven't seen the entire sanctuary." Marisol told him. "Do you mind giving me a tour sometime?"

Charlie raised a brow, out of all the capable people around to give her a tour during the time that she had been here, she just had to ask him.

"Uh...actually," Charlie said. "I'm fairly busy with my own work and I work with a dragon that is very very very territorial, so it would probably be safe to ask someone else."

"Perhaps Anora?"

"No." Charlie replied bluntly. "Not Anora."

"Why not?"

"Because she's busy herself. But there is someone here who gives the best tours of the entire reserve."

"And that is?"


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