Chapter 13 | Lost to Time Indefinte

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Interested in seeing how Emma and Killian actually first met?
That's towards the end ;) This is all flashback, but neither of them can recall any of this. * also I suggest not skipping if you want the story to make sense..It is different than the show*

The curse is coming.

People scattering like a disrupted ant hill, families preparing for the worst while spending their last, precious moments together as the billowing, thundering wall of purple smoke swirls through the streets engulfing the entire Enchanted Forest.

But the princess, Six year old Emma Nolan escapes. Her parents successful in stowing her away into the large wood wardrobe before it was too late. Frightened and scared as the doors made of bark close her off from her world, and the last sight she sees are her parents faces etched with horror.

The bark of the wardrobe biting into her frail back as the whole thing rattles, the tree shaking. The distant cries and moans of her parents mix in with the magical trees hum. Before her time in this realm expired, her ears were cursed with lastly hearing the ruthless cackle of The Evil Queen terrorizing her family.

*10 years later*
Growing up all alone in this world without magic is rough.
But knowing that somewhere, out there beyond the night sky that shimmers with pearl like stars... Her parents are out there. And they Will meet again. It kept her going.

In this broken down teen, there lies the most powerful thing in all the realms. Something no awful foster parents, or horrible kids who beat her into submission or until she cries can take it away from her heart; And that's Hope.
It's a force to be reckoned with, and she's got an abundance.


*Emma at 17*

One Friday After school she was walking home, her backpack strapped to her back and her eyes glued on her sneakers as the pavement under her passed by.
She was always in her head, but it's the only place she could truly be herself. In this cursed reality No one could ever know her true identity, And she loves nothing more than to pull out a memory of playing in the palace, or being loved unconditionally by her parents... Now that she has none.

"I thought that that geeky face belonged to you." "What are you doing walking infront of my house?"

"It's a free country. Deal with it."

"You shouldn't have just done that Dork-" The kid jumps off his porch, grabbing Emma by her braid.

The piercing roar of a heavy motorcycle pulls up to the curb just ahead of her. "Let me go, or my uncle is going to knock your block off Kevin!" The kid assaulting her lets go, before running into his house. Raising her head, she quickly fixes her hair, straightens her shoulders and makes out to walk past the leather clad man, that's infact - not her uncle. Just a stranger with an awesome bike.

She starts to walk by not making eye contact just in case. She can't trust anyone.


She quickly turns around, her blonde French braid swinging off her shoulder. She's looking for who called her name, It was the man with the street bike. Crap.
He hastily unbuckled his helmet, swinging off his bike before jumping the curb over to her.

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