🔱 Chapter Three 🔱

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"Well that's no way for a lady to speak." The man's face was showing slight amusement.

"Who said anything about me being a lady." His gaze turned hard and calculating. Abidah didn't know what her next move would be, should she run. If she ran where could she go, she was definitely not going to lead them back to Maurie and man dressed to his caliber would not be alone in the forest. And to prove her point four men suddenly appeared beside the blue eyed stranger.

"What have we here? Brother it seems you have found a damsel in distress." Said a boy beside the blue eyed man who was a bit shorter than him and when Abidah looked closer there was no mistaking the same piercing blue eyes on the boy's features. The boy was an exact replica of the man he stood beside, only a younger version and where the older one had long straight hair the other had short curly hair that lay in a tangled mess on top of his head, this only enhanced his boyish features. The other two were definitely guards though; they were tall and had broad shoulders that gave way to long barreling arms that were as huge as tree trunks. They stood behind the other two men almost blending in with forest scenery, their sharp and calculating eyes watching her every move.

"I assure you brother she is no damsel in distress." His voice was devoid of any emotion and Abidah tilted her head slightly in confusion, this man really puzzled her but she couldn't deny that she was a little intrigued by his ever changing demeanor. They've only met for a few minutes and somehow she felt drawn to him in some way.

"May I ask your name milady?" Abidah was contemplating whether or not to tell them her real name or to even answer the blue eyed boy who had asked. When a minute had passed and she didn't answer the blue eyed boy piped up.

"Well, my name is Sylvan, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance milady." He gave her a low and much exaggerated bow that she thought was totally unnecessary. Rolling her eyes she folded her arms across her chest in boredom and decided that there was no harm in telling them her name.

"My name's Abidah and if you would excuse me I have things to get done." She dismissed herself and them by turning around and picking up the dead rabbit that still rested on the ground. She pulled the arrow that was rooted in its body out and placed it back into her quiver.

"You still didn't answer my question." The long haired man's deep voice rang out through the clearing. Sneaking a glance over her shoulder she met his gaze of cerulean blue.

"That isn't any of your business now is it?" Just as she said this a scream split through the air followed by the load neighing of a horse. "Oh God. Maurie!"

Abidah dashed in the direction from whence she had come, her feet moving as fast as they could carry her. There was no mistaking the beholder of the scream she had heard just now, it was Maurie and something bad must have really happened, unless...The thought was running over and over in her mind and with a speed she never knew she had she burst forward.

When Abidah made it back to Maurie it was just as she had suspected. She ran over to her sister's side who was now cradling a bleeding hand and crying. Blood pored from the open wound and there was no mistaking the jagged holes that were now imprinted into her fingers.

"I didn't mean to do it... I was, I was just..." Maurie stuttered.

"Shush, shush, don't worry its okay; I know you didn't mean it." Abidah cradled Maurie's head into her shoulder trying to calm her down. Rubbing a hand through her sister's hair she turned towards the culprit who had caused all the trouble.

"Really Ashkelon, you didn't have to bite her she was only trying to feed you you ungrateful twit." Ashkelon only snorted in her direction and gave her look that could only mean one thing, she deserved it. The horse's eyes went back to the apple that Maurie had tried to give him, it lay discarded on the ground.

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