Chapter 2

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LaFontaine tries to get up, but I keep enough pressure on their shoulder that they can't.

"She'll kill you. Last time we tried, she took over someone else's body." I talk in a composed tone, even while I am anything but.

They need someone to be their voice of reason, and I guarantee Laura's beating herself up about this. She manages to twist things that we had no way to control into being her fault. The pressure she puts on herself to be perfect is going to break her if she doesn't stop blaming herself for everything.

"I don't care," they continue their doomed struggle even though they know I'm a vampire with super strength. It's admirable, their reckless bravery, but this time it'll definitely get them killed.

"And I don't care that you don't care. I'm not going to let you go up there."

LaFontaine glares at me and I glare back.

"Please don't go, LaF." Laura says quietly. "I don't want to lose anyone else."

Their eyes soften and I let go of them, hoping I didn't give them a bruise.

"Sorry, L. It's just..." they run a hand through their hair. "It's Perry, you know? She should be giving us advice or telling herself the weird is natural. She shouldn't be possessed by a sociopathic evil vampire." They turn to me, grimacing slightly. "No offense."

"None taken. I don't like the idea of anyone possessed by Maman, especially Ginger Two. On the bright side, if she kills us all, the last thing you'll see is her."

Laura nudges me but LaFontaine smiles at my words. I may not be good, but I'm good at reading people. Sometimes. And the ginger nerd is entirely too predictable with their twisted sense of humor that is scarily similar to my own.

Laura reaches out and grabs the ginger scientist's hand, squeezing before getting up.

"I'm going to grab you some chocolate from the vending machine. Both of you stay here." I look up at her. What did I do? "That means no slinking off and brooding."

I pretend to act offended and Laura grins, giving us a small wave before she heads down the tunnels. LaFontaine turns to me and begins their favorite pass time, talking about science. Now they're talking about how chocolate causes our bodies to release endorphins. Normally, I'd be able to follow along, but I'm listening to Laura's fading footsteps.

My heart catches in my throat and I yell out Laura's name, hoping it'll make her freeze. I stand so fast the chair falls over but I barely notice.

"Carmilla, what..." LaFontaine trails off when they see my face.

I rush towards Laura, disregarding everything that isn't her. The tunnels we're in are sentient and move, but they still were property of the Dean at some point. And they lead to the basement of the library, where she doesn't like anyone going. These tunnels have hidden traps that react to human DNA. That's why I would always go with her and the ginger nerd. One wrong move and she's dead.

The world slows down and Laura's only a few yards away. Her foot presses down on a hidden tile, and I can only watch in horror as it glows bright red, sensing that she's human.

She has a small, thin piece of metal sticking out of her shoulder. Not even with my speed could I get her out of the way fast enough. I wrap a hand around her arm and drag her away from the trap, ignoring the delicious scent of her blood. 

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