Chapter 2. Controversy.

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“Hey mum, I’m going to the bathroom- I’ll be right back” I say to my mum as I leave my seat.

Yes that’s right, we are in an airplane right now, flying to Spain. I shouldn’t have drunk that 1litre bottle of water. As I walk through everyone to the bathroom all of a sudden I trip over someone’s foot and fall face planted down on the floor. As humiliating as that was everybody in the airplane started to erupt in laughter! Could anything else be worse?

“Oh hey, I’m really sorry about that”. I look up to where to the voice was going up and see two pair of green eyes staring at me, as though staring into my soul. His eyes were so captivating that I didn’t realize that he was holding out his hands to help me up. “mhm” the guy grunted trying to snap me back into reality.

“Oh...s sorry” I stutter while grabbing his hand.

“No worries, even though I should be apologizing since I accidently tripped you, but anyways my name is Spain.” He says, smiling genuinely at me.  

“Oh aha, that’s alright- your name is Spain? Like the place we are going to Spain? Wow, that’s different… Anyways I was going to go to the bathroom, you know… to chuck my junk out.”

“To chuck your junk out? Did you just say that?” He said and began to laugh hysterically.

I started to blush uncontrollably, Things did get worse I have a handsome good looking guy in front of me and I told him what I was going to do in the bathroom… which for a matter of fact is my business and I didn’t have to say at all. OHH the Horror.

“Hey, stop laughing. It’s not that funny. I start to ramble when I’m nervous around people.” I say. Oh crap, I just admitted that I get nervous around him.

He started walking closer and closer to me, he stopped just a cm away…. What is he doing? We are in an airplane with loads of people watching?!

“Um.. Excuse me I need to go around to my seat… and if you want after you finish putting the “junk out”.. You can come sit with me and will have a talk cutie.”

I was speechless. What a jerk! I couldn’t believe him, he did that on purpose.  Thank goodness after that flight I will be off in Spain somewhere and will never have to see him again! Well……..I hope… 


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