Chapter 12 | indescribable

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It's a long chapter guys, I'm sorry :( *clicks seatbelt*
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"Why did you come back?" Emma asks curiously as soon as Killian comes out from the main lobby, returning their room keys to Debra; and slides into the shotgun seat of her packed yellow bug.

After shutting his door he pauses, Running his hand through his dark hair, Leaving it messy As he thinks.
It makes her wish she could sift her own fingers through it, which is completely ridiculous because she was never the gentle, cuddly type. But her strangling grip tightening on the innocent steering wheel, gives her away.

"I actually never went anywhere" He admits on an exhaled breath.

"Where were you?" She asks puzzled

"In the parking lot" He answers and Emma frowns, wordlessly prompting him to continue.
"I don't know, I just had this horrible feeling... I just couldn't bring myself to actually leave, and It Still puzzles me."

"Are you trying to say you were afraid to go anywhere?" Emma chuckles softly, joking with him. He gives her a heavy scowl that makes him look more adorable than frightening.

"Laugh all you want, lass, but ask yourself how you would be feeling right about now if I hadn't returned." Killian says, and Emma's face falls because that's the last thing she wants to imagine right now.

Silent seconds tick by before she speaks up again.
"What made you come back in to our room though?" Emma presses, mostly because it's better than dwelling on the dark thoughts of when the cop crushed her beneath him as if he had every right to do so.

"I just did! Okay? I came back, and I killed him for you. And I'd do it all over again if I needed to, can we just leave it at that?!" He exclaims closing his eyes and setting his head back into the head rest, trying to end this discussion once and for all.

"I didn't ask you to kill him for me." Emma responds, pulling out of the parking lot. Shivering inside because he had done it anyway; he came in, saw her being attacked, and he did his best to protect her.

It's monumental. A deed so great that her abandoned, solitary mind can't quite process it completely. So it instead latches onto the most obvious thing - And that's that a man is dead because of them.

"I didn't think", Killian admits. His voice so soft she can barely hear him, she finds herself leaning closer and intently watching his face when he speaks. His eyes briefly flashing with concern

"You were crying, Emma. And I reached for my gun, I did what I could to do to protect you, lass. If I didn't have any weapons on me, which would be a rare occasion indeed... I would've choked him to death with my bare hands." "I can't, and will not let that happen to you, Swan."

Emma gapes at him for a while, trying to decide which of her two options she's conjured up in her mind scares her more; That Killian enjoys committing that kind of violence, or that seeing her hurt sends him over the edge.

After driving for a while, leaving miles between them and the motel, she convinces herself that the second option isnt possible.

She knows she's nobody to him, and he truly loves Milah with every fiber of his being.


Emma does her best to stay under the speed limit, the last thing they need now is getting pulled over. But it's a struggle. Her foot yearning to press just a little but more on the gas pedal - She wants to go faster.

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