The Duchess of Denmark or the Princess of Germany..?!

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'Danniella Georgayna-Mae Alexandria Hendersen' the soon-to-be Duchess of Denmark.

'Theodore Stephan Nathaniel Demetrius Edvard Gibson' the Crown Prince of Germany.

Danniella's POV

My name is Dann and before you ask, yes I am a girl and no, it isn't my full name.

I am Danniella Georgayna-Mae Alexandria Hendersen. The daughter of Gregory Joseph James Hendersen, the Duke of Denmark and Elizabeth Anne-Marie Hendersen, the Duchess of Denmark.

Now don't be so quick to judge. You'd think I'd be the girly-girl who loves the money and high status. Well you couldn't be more wrong. I'm actually the complete opposite. A big time tomboy is what I am. Much to my mother's dismay. She's just lucky she has my younger sisters Eloise and Ellcie to go shopping with and dress up.

My mother adores my twin sisters, being at the age of 14. They are at the age where they start to pay a lot of attention to their body and the way people look at them. My brothers take after our father like me. Troublemakers! Michael is my twin, both the age of 17 but I'm older by 7 minutes. Alexander is 16 but goes to a different high school. Mother thinks that Michael and I are a bad influence on the kid. It's not our fault, its genetics. Runs in the family. That and our sick, dirty minds. Then there is little Gregory Junior. He's 4 years old and absolutely spoilt by everyone in my family.

Theodore's POV

My life sucks!

Sometimes I completely loath my high status. Myself being, Theodore Stephan Nathaniel Demetrius Edvard Gibson, the Crown Prince of Germany. My parents obviously being King Nathaniel Gibson and Queen Katherine Gibson of Germany.

I also have quite a few siblings. Celia, 19, married to Prince Simon Pascal of France. The twins Christopher and Derickson, 15, being the family troublemakers. The triplets Francesca, Felesha and Felamina, being the sweet and innocent 13 year old girls obsessed with clothes but are almost as troublesome as the twins. Lastly is our baby of the family Elisa, 11, the quiet and intelligent bookworm who practically lives in our library.

My parents have recently complained about my partying behaviour, so they're sending me to a public school. Having been to a private school for the high status kids. Plus being the Prince is going to take a while for the school to get use to me.

According to my parents I party too much, date too many meaningless girls and have sex too often. I'm the main topic of newspapers, magazines and, the all-time-favourite, TV.

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