Pasta and "Vicked Hipstah Pink"

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Ah, our first questions from @ItalysGirl10!! Ready, guys?

Hungary: Who is it for?

Prussia: The awesome me, of course! Kesesese~

Nope! Italy and Poland, here are your questions!

Italy: Ve~

*coughs* Okay, Italy, your girlfriend asked you...

What would you do if Germany took your pasta?

Italy: I'd be reaaaaaaally sad!!! *looks at Germany* Germany! You didn't take my pasta away from me, did you?

Germany: Uh... *whistles innocently*

Italy: *puts on puppy face* Germany, can I have my pasta back, pleaaaaaaaase?

Germany: ... *sighs* Fine, Italy, here's your pasta.

Italy: Yay! *smiles at Germany* Thank you!

Poland: Like, so what's my question? 

Ah, right, Poland! Your little sis asked...

Wanna go paint Romania's house wicked hipster pink?

Poland: Oh my gosh, yes! *grins and holds up paint bucket* Like, I even have the paint here! I'm totally ready!

Romania: *glares at Poland* Hey, don't paint my house that color! It's so... pink! 

Poland: That's the point! It's a good thing, yes?

Romania: I swear if I find my house "wicked hipster pink" when I return...

*steps in between the two* Hey, hey, no fighting! 

Poland: He, like, started it!

Romania: Did not!

Poland: Did too!

Romania: Not!

*sighs* Well, that's it for our first round! Stayed tuned, and remember, please comment any questions you have for any of the nations! Thank you~!!

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