Chapter Seventy Five

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Anora was settled in the field observing a sick Hebridean Black male, that was letting out several sparks as it laid on it's side.

"What did you do to yourself, friend?" she asked quietly as she circled the dragon. She pressed her hand against the dragon's distended abdomen and applied some slight pressure.

The dragon attempted to lift it's head and snap at her.

She jumped back, but the dragon was unable to reach her as it was too weak from the pain. He lowered his head back down letting out a throaty wail.

"Did you eat too many rats?"

Taking a chance, she rested her ear against the dragon's stomach and heard all sorts of stomach rumbling and grumbling.

She grimaced. "Oh you have a wicked bellyache." she said. "You ate something that didn't agree with you and until your body gets rid of it, you're going to be suffering. But let's see if Sebs has anything to speed the process along."

Finally, Sebastian arrived on the call and walked over to find the woman dangerously close to the dragon's striking zone.

"If Charlie was here you'd give the poor man a heart attack." he said pulling her away from the dragon's head.

"I know what I'm doing." Anora said, brushing his hand off. "Besides, he's in a weak state right now. Whatever he ate is hurting him. Do you have anything on you to get things..running smoothly?"

"No, not on me but I have some back at my cabin. I'll be back."

He left quickly while Anora sat down near the dragon's head and rubbed her hand over the scuff on her boot as she waited.

She heard steps behind her and was surprised at how quick Sebastian had returned only to see Magnus with someone she didn't recognize behind him.

"Good afternoon, Anora!" Magnus greeted her.

"Hey Mags." Anora waved. "What brings you to the other side of the sanctuary?"

"I heard we had a dragon feeling a bit under the weather."

"Yeah, this poor fellow probably ate something he probably shouldn't have, but Sebastian is on it."

"Good very good."

Anora eyed the woman behind Magnus waiting for the man to introduce them, but the woman pushed passed Magnus.

"Anora Forney right?"

"Yes?" Anora said raising a brow at her.

"I'm Marisol Vega." the blonde introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you." Anora told her, still unaware of who she was.

"Marisol is from Spain, but has worked at the sanctuary in Portugal. She'll be spending some time working here."

"Oh, well...welcome." Anora smiled at her.

"Thank you. Magnus has spent the entire morning telling me about you and your partner's work here."

"'s really nothing-" Anora went to say but Magnus interrupted.

"Nonsense! It is more than something to be very proud of." Magnus said.

Anora blushed, and continued to keep the smile on her face but inside her chest and stomach, she felt uneasy.

The male dragon lifted his head again and hissed in the direction of Magnus and Marisol before trying to strike them with his tail.

"Whoa there." Marisol said jumping back along with Magnus.

"Hey easy there, friend." Anora said in a soft tone towards the dragon. The dragon's eye darted back and forth between the two and Anora frantically as it continued to try and push himself up.

"Is this one new to the sanctuary?" Marisol asked.

"Uh yeah, he's only been here a couple of months." Anora said. "He flew in along with a few others. They've seemed to settle in quite well but he's suffering from a pretty bad stomach ache right now, so I think it's best if we give him his space until Sebastian comes back."

Magnus and Marisol didn't stay long after Sebastian returned, as Anora paced back and forth. The dragon had finally calmed back down and a permanent frowned had etched itself on Anora's face.

"Why do you look like someone just stole Iggy from you?" Sebastian asked her.

"That new woman-"

"Marisol...she's a nice looking one isn't she?" Sebastian grinned at her.

She smacked the back of his head. "Focus here, Sebs. There's something not right about her."


"You should have seen how this guy reacted with her around."

"Sometimes a dragon can't help himself around a pretty lady."

Anora glared at him. "Sometimes I really want to hurt you, Sebs. Seriously."

"Oh come now, Anora, are you jealous of the woman?"

"Jealous? No! Are you not listening to me? None of the dragons act like that..."

"Well, Magnus was with her."

"Most dragons just ignore him at this point." Anora said. "I'm telling you there's something wrong here."

"Yes and it's all in your head." Sebastian chuckled.

"'s not. If you would stop thinking with your other head for a second..." she glanced down at the dragon who's eye was on her.

She knew what she had seen, she had seen fear in the dragon's eyes.

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