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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Eleven: Dad's Discovery

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                “Ouch.” Mr. Carter said, cringing playfully.

                I rolled my eyes at him and tightened the gauze again, “Shut up. It doesn’t even hurt.”

                He chuckled as I continued treating his arm.

                Of course, me and my messed up head couldn't stop glancing at his bare chest. He was sitting on the toilet seat in the upstairs bathroom, me on my knees next to him. I, as usual, was dressed in one of his white shirts and a pair of his black boxers. Simply because Aaron decided he was going to bleed all over my baggy outfit.


                He snickered, “For someone who’s being so cold and hateful, you sure are enjoying me half naked.”

                I blinked and shook my head, “Shut up.” I grumbled for the millionth time since I’d been over. “And I’m being cold because you’re freaking reckless. Who sneaks up on a guy with a knife anyway? What if he would have gotten something other than your shoulder? Stupid.” I taped the gauze in place and glared up at him.

                He smirked as he caught my good cheek with his hand, “Speaking of reckless…” He murmured, leaning down to the still-bleeding cut on my cheek, “You still need to be punished for fighting back. Again.”

                My eyes widened, “What are you-”

                His soft tongue traced the cut gingerly as he placed butterfly light kisses along it every now and then.

                “Mr. Carter!” I hissed, trying to push him away by his chest.

                His bare chest… His rock-hard, bare chest…


                Shit… I couldn’t concentrate. His tongue set my cheek on fire and it traveled through every fiber in my being.

                He stopped shortly and brought his lips to my ear, “The more you struggle, the worse it gets.”

                Chills ran down my spine and I shuddered. Ignoring his threat, I said, “Like hell. Stop it.” My voice shook.


                I felt him smirk and he moved his hands to my waist, lifting me up to his lap.

                Great. Now I was straddling him.

                I looked at him, trying to figure out what the hell was going through his mind. His eyes danced with amusement, but something was off about them. They seemed darker than usual.

                “Continue to struggle. It can get a lot worse than this.” He whispered roughly, nipping at my ear.

                My heart was pounding in my ears and I gulped.

                Defiantly, I pushed against his chest a little.

                He let out a low chuckle, “So stubborn.”

                Damn straight.

                He grabbed my wrists with each of his hands and pulled them away from his chest. He brought them up to the base of his neck and placed them there, palms flat.

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