“Well we’re going to have to act like a couple.”

He said.

I rolled my eyes and walked back out of the bathroom.  He was leaning on the door outside and fell back a little. I laughed at him, he just smiled. I walked over to the closet and got ready. Charlie later on got ready.

            We got in the car and drove down to Rome, and had a lot of trouble finding a place to park.

“What do you want to do first?”

Charlie asked.

“Go shopping.”

I said laughing. He smiled.

Charlie took my hand and we walked down the street. We found a little boutique and walked in. Charlie sat down on a bench and looked bored out of his mind. I didn’t care though. I was having the time of my life, there were so many clothes. I picked out a red dress that was simple except for a red bow that tied at the waist.  I walked out of the dressing room and Charlie looked up.

“It looks pretty on you.”

He said.

“Thank you.”

I said.

He smiled and I went back to the dressing room and got back into my clothes. Charlie took the dress from me and paid for it at the cashier.

“I could have paid for it myself.”

I said to him.

“It’s ok, I wanted to.”

            We left the store and went strolling down the street,  I started to feel a rumbling in my tummy, but I didn’t want actual food. I wanted something sweet. As we kept walking we past a gelato shop. I pulled Charlie inside.

“Don’t you have a sweet tooth! We haven’t even eaten yet.”
Charlie said. 

I laughed.

“I know but it sounds good!”

I said.

            We ordered our gelato, I pulled my wallet out before he had time to get his out and paid.

“I’m the guy! I’m suppose to pay for everything!”

Charlie said.

“We’re feminists in this era, Charlie, girls make money too.”

I said back.

Charlie smiled.

“I like a girl who can help herself, that’s a good quality.”

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