Chapter 5

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Jo's Pov.

I walked into my office and started filing all my paperwork, an announcement was made on the main circuit saying," Miss Lake please come to my office immediately!"

I got up walked over to my door and locked it completely ignoring the announcement then sat back down and started working. About 10 minutes later my door was knocked down without warning!? Wtf?!

Blake stood there looking absolutely furious. He marched up to my desk.

" If you don't get up and walk down stairs to get in the car with Ryder, then your going to get punished harder then you already are going to be!" He said sternly.

" What are you talking about Mr. Rance?" I said innocently.

Bleep. My phone went off.

Unknown- Can't wait to see you!

Me- Me neither!

Knowing it was Parker,
I put my phone in my pocket and looked up at Blake who was fuming. He roughly grabbed me out of my seat and dragged be to the elevator. When we got in, he got both my hands and pulled them behind my back.

"I'm gunna get you arrested for this you know!"

I could feel his breath in my ear as he breathed out,"Oh Babygirl you can try but when we're through with you, you won't want to even breath a word to another person."

"This is abuse!"

"It's not abuse if you like it. And believe me when I say this, you'll like it Babygirl."

We got out the elevator with Blake still holding my hand behind my back pushing me forward. The reseptionest was going me an apologetic look as if she new what was going on.
When we got out side a black aludi pulled up, the same one that was at the beach and the front door opened revealing a man dressed in a suit who came and opened the back door for us.
Blake pushed my gently yet firmly into the car where I found a very angry possessive Ryder. Shit.

Ryder leaned over and whispered in my ear, " You've been a very, bad girl haven't you."

" No holding back this time sexy, that's how you got away from me last time." Blake joined in.

" Why are you both obsessed with me, why not any other random girl you have falling at your feet?" I gulped.

"Because you are ours! Do you really think we would want some slut over you? We're addicted to you, and we're never going to let you go." Ryder almost shouted.

We arrived at my house and got out the car. We I got cared out and into the house and straight up to my room. They were both standing over me when Ryder had thrown me on the bed.

"Naughty, naughty girls!?" But before I could answer my savior knocked on the front door.
I smirked." who's at the door Jo?"

"My mum and dad, my bestfriend and her boyfriend as well as my sister and her boyfriend are here" I answered, good luck. Blake went straight down stairs and I followed behind them.

"Hi Mum and Hey dad!"

My family/friends hurried in hugging me and sat at the table talking while I started to fix up dinner. Blake came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, " you're in deep, deep trouble you know!"

" I know but now there here, you or Ryder can't do anything to me!"

"You sure about that Babygirl?" Blake whispered before going to sit next to Nathan my sisters boyfriend. My mum insisted I sit down and let her do the work so I agreed and sat down.

The only seat left was between Blake and Ryder who were both in a deep conversation with the rest of the table. I sat down and spoke to the girls ignoring there questions about the boys.
When dinner was served I started eating as did everyone else however I felt a hand on my leg. Ryder's hand as he was doing small circles up until he got to the top of my inner thigh, which I had shut. Everyone was having a conversation not really paying attention to me that I was thankful for.
However Ryder leaned over and whispered in my ear," if you don't open you legs Babygirl than I'm going to have to tell everyone what Im doing to you underneath this table!"

I new he was living as for around 1 and a half years ago I said no to him he shouted some really embarrasing things to my school friend one time.

I slowly eased my legs letting him open them and started rubbing me through my thong, hard. I had to stop my ands from shaking for it felt do good.
His hand suddenly slipped my thong aside and playing with my clit, swirling it around. His fingers traveled down until he pushed a finger in to me. Then another. Fingering me faster and keeping the pass, I could breath for my family didn't know how I was being asulted underneath the table.

It got worse though as Blake had figured out what Ryder was doing to me and but his and over my thigh and started touching my clit.

" So how's work going Jo for you at the moment?" my father suddenly asked.

BI was about to answer when Ryder added another finger making me close my mouth.

" Are you okay honey, you look a bit red. Do you need to go and lye down for a bit in bed?" My mum asked looking at me with a worried expression.

I went to talk again but Ryder added another finger, and stared up at a faster pase. I nodd to my mum. I removed there hands for my core, which did not go without difficulty.

I stood up straightening my skirt and hurried up stairs. I got into some of the lingerie that covered the most skin and jumped into bed......falling asleep.


I awoke feeling something cold pressed against my wrists. Shaking myself to open my eyes I looked up to find them handcuffed to the top of the headboard! Wtf?!?

I looked around trying to get my hands free but failed miserable. It was still dark out side and my alarm clock told me that it was 12:56 making me wonder when this had happened?

Suddenly I heard two pairs of foot steps coming up the stairs, and walked through the bedroom door.

" Why the Fuck am I handcuffed to the bed?!" I said angerly. Wishing I hadn't gone to bed last night.

" You deserve every bit of what you're gunna get babygirl......"

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