Chapter 17: I love you!♥

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*My P.O.V*

Bradley and I walked into the Airport and looked around to see who was picking us up..

"Mia! Bradley!"*I heard someone call our names and turned around fast to see Jack Morgan standing in front of me. He was one of my dads best friends..also in the army..I haven't seen him since my dads accident...i just get shaky thinking about it... I jumped on him for a hug! He was soo muscular that he picked me up and spun me around and put me down.

"How have you been my little cookie monster??"He asked. i laughed as he called me my old nickname he gave me when i was 4.. he only called me that cause when i met him for the first time i found a cookie in his jacket pocket on Thanksgiving and from then on i would always assume he had cookies so i would ask him for one.

"Okay i guess." I shrugged.

"Don't worry he is doing really good right now." He reassured me.

"That's great to hear!" A big smile spread quickly across my face.

"and Bradley.. how are you my little man??" Jack messed up his hair. He still does the funniest things when me and Bradley are 17...not 8..but its nice to feel like i have a father figure around right now...

"Come on.. let's go to the hospital." Jack said. We grabbed our luggage and walked to Jack's car. Then we where off to the Hospital. It took about 45 minutes to get there... and it was good cause i just caught up on more sleep.. i had jet lag.

"Mia....Mia... wake up" I heard Bradley say as he shook me gently awake. I sat up a little straighter and opened my door as everyone else was getting up. We walked into the hospital and up to the 4th floor where they held Derrek and Nick where staying.. As we got into the elevator i noticed how shaky Bradley was...i touched his arm with my hand and he jumped.

"Are you okay?" I whispered.. i didn't want to be loud.. it's a hospital..i mean...wait... it's not a library.. whatever.

"Yeah..i'm just really scared.." He answered.

"It's gonna be fine...." I hugged him, "I mean i hope.." I said that soo quiet i didn't think he could hear me.

"What?" He said as he pulled away.

"Nothing.. don't worry about it." We got off the elevator and turned down the hall trying to find room 408 and 409...then we found it. We both took a deep breath and went in to our separate rooms..

Here it goes

*Justin's P.O.V*

' couldn't get my mind off of mia. every time i closed my eyes i saw her face...not seeing her could take a lot of getting used to...I'm happy to hear that she is in Germany now...i just pray to god her brothers safe

"Come on Justin..." He patted the seat next to him on the couch.

"What?" I sat next to him.

"You have to get your mind off of her and her family... you are gonna make yourself depressed if you keep thinking about her being gone." I looked at him.. thinking about what he just said... yeah i know he's right.. but...i just worry.

"I know..."

"Come on...look! Grown Ups is on! I know that movie always gets you in a better mood!" He clicked on the movie and started it "Chaz!! Get the pop corn!" Chaz came out with the bowl of popcorn in his hand and 3 cans of soda. and we started the movie. this was already helping me...

*My P.O.V*

As i walked in i looked directly at him... and he was awake!! starring into my eyes! i broke down into tears and ran and gave him a hug while he was laying on the bed.

"Derrek... I love you soo much! please tell me you are fine!"

"Baby girl... I am doing great..." He told me, "and I love you soo much!" He hugged me tighter... It felt amazing to hear his voice!

"It feels great to hear that you are fine! When can you come home?"

"I'm not aloud to leave for 2 weeks."

"Seriously?!?!" i shouted.

"Yeaah. But when I do get out we are gonna go back to Canada together."

"Ohhh that's great! wait--" I trailed off.

"What??" He asked confused.

"I can't wait that long...I'm supposed to be on a cruise.. and what about Justin, mom??" I looked over at her.

"Baby.. we aren't gonna go back on the cruise.. i don't want you being on there without me.. and it only has 5 more days left.. and we won't be back for 2.. so it's pointless.." My mom told me.

"I guess you're right..." I gave Derrek and my mom a hug. "I am gonna go check on Bradley." I headed out the door and saw Bradley... sitting against the wall... crying... i went and sat next to him then put my arms around him... trying to comfort him... "Whats wrong Bradley?" He looked up at me.. his eyes where all puffy and red.. from crying too much

"" He said through breaths he could take.

"What about him?" I started to get teary.. scared of what he was going to say...

"He's gone...."


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